Food is very important in maintaining the health of the body. The car needs fuel for it to function and this is the same way that the body needs food. Taking the right nutrients will help in making one healthy and free of disease because it aids in boosting immunity. Organic foods help to fuel the body in terms of energy enabling one to be productive in their daily life. Taking the right foods should be combined with exercise for one to be fit, healthy and free from illnesses. Organic foods and a nutritional diet is the best in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The following tips will help one to life a healthy lifestyle by taking a nutritional and organic diet:

Take the right amount of calories

It is important to be on the lookout on the amount of calories that are taken each day. Unless one is taking part in routine exercises, one should take less than 300 calories per day. The snacks that are taken in between meals should also have fewer calories as most of them have a lot. Sports drinks should be avoided and instead one should concentrate on taking healthy drinks. Before starting the day, it is advisable to take 6-8 ounces of liquids preferably water to help in hydrating the body. This will aid in preventing thirst and the temptation of taking sports drinks. One can also take a snack with 100-200 calories to boost the energy level in the body. When one is planning to walk for more than half an hour and one has not eaten, it is advisable to take an energy bar containing carbohydrates and proteins to increase the energy level. One should be on the lookout on the amount of calories contained in each bar.

Pick the right proteins

Proteins do not provide the same level of energy like carbohydrates but they are still important if you want to have a healthy diet plan. Proteins can make a difference when one is planning to take a walk or take part in an exercise. Food that is rich in proteins aids in blunting the level of blood sugar after one has taken a snack or a meal and this helps to extend energy in the body. One of the nutritionists recommends that one should combine carbohydrates and proteins in every snack and meal. It is advisable to take 0.5-0.75 of protein per every pound of weight daily. This means that the people who weigh 150 pounds are advised to take 75-113 g of proteins each day. The good sources of organic proteins include legumes, lean meats, fish, poultry, nut butters and nuts. Taking foods rich in proteins after exercise will help to fuel muscle building in the body. The more muscles one has, the more calories are burnt.

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Taking supplements

It is advisable to take supplements for one to be healthy. To have increased energy in the body, it is important to take the right foods daily. This might not be possible always and therefore one should take a mineral supplement or a multivitamin for insurance. Pre-menopausal women are advised to take foods that are high in iron but they are also encouraged to take a supplement containing iron. It is also important to take supplements that contain zinc, as this is one of the ingredients that are involved in functioning of varied enzymes in the body. Zinc can be found in most organic products and they include poultry, meat and other types of fish.

The other nutrients that are needed in the body to boost the level of energy include vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. Walking is important in strengthening the bones in the body but this takes place when one has taken adequate amounts of vitamin D. It is advisable to take approximately 1,000-1200mg of calcium daily. The best sources of magnesium are spinach, nuts, and whole grain cereals while the best source of vitamin D is milk.

Reduce the intake of fats

The intake of fats should be limited in the diet and it should not be the main thing that is being taken for energy. The foods that contain fats are the last ones to leave the stomach and it helps to slow down digestion. Fats helps to increase energy, fuels the body for exercise and it also blunts the increase in blood sugar.

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Take local foods

It is advisable to increase the intake of organic foods that are locally grown. Most organic foods have more prana than the other foods. The processed foods have chemicals and these are harmful to the body. Most processed foods have more fats, sugars and salts and this are major causes of illnesses in the body. Research indicates that organic foods have an increased energizing and powerful biological impact as compared to other processed foods. The foods that are grown locally provide the body with increased vitality. It is also important to take fresh foods as opposed to taking refrigerated/processed foods.


It is advisable to take organic foods instead of processed foods. Organic foods provide the body with increased energy, vitality and it also helps to boost immunity. Nutritionists’ advice is that people should take fewer fats and the right amounts of calories and proteins. Organic foods are locally available and they are more affordable. It is also advisable to take supplements to aid in meeting the needs of the body.