Grab your Healthy Mind and hold on to it

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University life brings changes in the lives of students. Some of the changes are joyful, while others bring stress. Students face certain challenges while doing assignments. Assignments need a tactful thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is important for students to have a healthy mind to do their assignments. A student with good mental health will be calm, focused and be able to concentrate better. A healthy mind allows students to think clearly and be stress-free. It will also increase the stamina of students that will further help assignment-solving.

Students may suffer from depression or develop habits that hamper their academic performance. Avoid habits including skipping exercise, substance abuse, not sleeping well and cluttering your room. Such bad habits increase stress and anxiety and reduce energy levels. They also impact your mental health. Students may isolate themselves from socializing and this may be due to depression. Depression and bad habits reduce students’ logical thinking and ability to concentrate. Students become moody and irritable and lose interest in academics. It is important to change bad habits and maintain regular fitness. Healthy habits will help develop a healthy mind and body.

There exists pressure and competition at university. Students should give importance to their mental health. It is with a healthy mind that you can set your goals and achieve them. Are you a student who is unable to give your best in academics? Do you worry too much? Would you like to have a healthy mind? Here are 6 tips that you can help you.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes we are so focused on being kind to others that we forget to be kind to ourselves. Treat yourself with love and respect and be kind. Don’t beat yourself up for your failures or mistakes and instead learn from them. Avoid negative self-talk that lowers your self-esteem.

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Appreciate yourself for your achievements, even if they seem small. Engage in hobbies or activities that interest you, and spend some me time. Giving time to yourself is important and it makes you happier.

Nurture yourself

Consume nourishing foods and beverages. Avoid excess junk and opt for healthier options. Make your own meals if you can and do not skip breakfast. Also, exercise or do yoga regularly. A healthy body also helps to have a healthy mind.

Keep yourself hydrated and get enough sleep. A complete sleep cycle improves brain health and gets you in a happy mood. Think positive thoughts and do not worry or have fears. Have faith in yourself and you will be able to have a stronger mind.

Mix with positive minded people

Surrounding yourself with happy and optimistic people helps you to feel happier and positive too. The people we surround ourselves with have an influence on us. It is important to choose your friends carefully. Avoid mixing with pessimistic and discouraging people. Optimistic people will help raise your self-esteem.

Practice mindfulness

Mindful activities enable students to have a peaceful mind and feel relaxed. Regularly practising meditation also improves brain health, concentration and academic performance. During meditation, you can even express gratitude towards life itself and for all that you already have. Being grateful uplifts your mood and helps you have a healthy mind.

Quit addiction

Give up smoking if you are a smoker and stop taking drugs if are addicted to them. If you drink alcohol, consume in limits. Excess alcohol intake can make you feel depressed. Seek help when you are unable to control your addiction. Look for support groups and if needed, a rehab centre.

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If you are movie or television series buff, you might want to control that habit. Watching television and movies once in a while is fine, but do not make it your addiction. It is also important to make sure what you watch is good for your mind. Any addiction hinders normal functioning of your brain. So, it is best that you quit any addiction you have.

Go out and socialize

Do not feel low about yourself or isolate yourself, and instead hang out. Relax in nature, walk in a park or go hiking. You can also go on a road trip with your friends or go backpacking. Traveling, spending time in nature and socializing are good for your mental health. They stimulate your brain chemicals and reduce stress and anxiety. Going out and talking to people takes your mind off things and helps you relax.

Also, communicate with your friends and family so that they can be your support system. Support from loved ones will also make you more confident and at ease. It is important to open up and discuss any issues with your family and friends.


Working on these 6 ways will help you have a healthy mind. You will feel better and improve your academic performance.