Those struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism will find it very difficult to get physically off their substance of choice without the help of a detox center. These programs help the user overcome the physical and mental withdrawals associated with the abuse of these mood and mind-altering substances. There is a lot more to getting and staying clean than just removing the chemical from the body. Work must be done to improve the mental health of each person struggling. It is imperative that anyone looking to achieve long-term recovery learn how to live a new, happier and more fulfilling life.


A Safe Place During a Difficult Time


The first 30-60 days off drugs/alcohol can be very difficult, especially when done alone or without professional help. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) will still occur for sometime after one completes detox. They can experience chills, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, restless legs, depression, lethargy and weakness while their body completely repairs itself. When someone just does detox they will have to face all these symptoms on their own. During this time relapse is very common. These minor symptoms can be blown out of proportion and trigger the person struggling. They may begin obsessing over using, it can slowly become the only thing on their mind before they act on those urges and relapse; bringing them back to square one.


At Addiction Therapeutic Services each client will have an individualized care plan built around their specific needs. While some PAWS may still occur, the person struggling will not be alone during this trying time. Our staff of addiction professionals will be able to help that person through these challenges and come out the other end stronger. One will learn about triggers and how to handle them.  The urge to use will come and go during treatment, but when in a safe and controlled environment, the chances of a relapse occurring drop substantially.

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Help With Co-Occurring Disorders


When left untreated, co-occurring disorders can be disastrous to one’s mental health, quality of life and recovery. Here at Addiction Therapeutic Services, we help treat a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. It is imperative that anyone struggling with these issues receives the proper care, treatment and support. Anyone entering a drug or alcohol rehab center deserves the highest level of care. Going to a program that doesn’t address these issues can be counter-intuitive. Drugs/alcohol are the issues that everyone can see, they are all surface level. In order to completely recover from a hopeless state of mind and body caused by addiction/alcoholism, one must work on the underlying issues.


It is crucial to dig deep and find the real reason behind the drug abuse or alcoholism. Most people who care about themselves do not shoot heroin. Over 70% of drug addicts and alcoholics have issues with co-occurring disorders. Working on these issues and properly treating them with a combination of therapy and medication is as essential to recovery as detox. When left untreated the chance of relapse rises substantially. A depressive episode or constant anxiety can easily turn a good day into a terrible day, which can easily lead to relapse.


Finding a New Way of Life


If you or someone you care about are struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism issues, please do not hesitate to contact our toll free line. An addiction specialist is standing by ready to help in anyway possible. We accept most private insurance policies and can work on a sliding fee scale if it best suits your situation. Our team at Addiction Therapeutic Services is comprised of highly experienced and licensed professionals.

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Our medical, therapeutic and supportive staff will help each client overcome the obstacles that may prevent them from living the life they deserve. Every client that enters our facility will receive individualized care, including one on one therapy, group session, courses to help with underlying mental health issues, relapse prevention classes and much more.  Our team members make sure every client is treated with warmth and compassion.