Chiropractic is a healthcare profession where chiropractors use several types of spinal manipulation to treat multiple problems. Physically inactive individuals are prone to develop acute and chronic back pain. The goal of chiropractic care is designed to reduce the pain in back areas and improve the spine’s flexibility with a unique focus on spinal manipulation. It improves nerve function, results in instant back pain relief, and prevents recurring backaches. By frequent weekly visits to a trusted chiropractic center, you can improve the range and quality of motion and reduce inflammation with natural solutions and chiropractic methods.

With multiple types of spinal manipulation, it’s essential to know what type of treatment you seek for your back pain. Some therapies are done by hand, while some back pain chiropractors use specially designed instruments. As there are several chiropractic techniques for back and neck pain treatment, a chiropractor will diagnose your back and design a treatment appropriate for your back pain. He will also incorporate nutrition and exercise within the treatment plan to restore your motion. While manual therapies commonly used by chiropractors are generally effective, they will use this specific method depending on the physical condition and the cause of underlying back pain of the patient. Let’s look at some of the different chiropractic methods used by a back pain chiropractor, especially to treat back pain.

  • Gonstead Adjustment

It has been seen that many of the highest rated chiropractors use the Gonstead technique to treat back pain. Unlike other techniques that rely only on touch and feel, the Gonstead technique also uses a modern diagnosis with x-rays. This helps to successfully locate the distressed area and thoroughly analyze the patient’s spinal region. It is very effective to examine and adjust the spine. The unique positioning used allows a Gonstead chiropractor to treat with a precise way. These back pain chiropractors can provide the most accurate adjustment possible.

  • Diversified Technique

The other safe method to treat acute back aches is the diversified technique wherein the chiropractor undergoes the immediate adjustment of a lumbar disk herniation. It’s an effective method that relieves pain and lends healing to the affected back areas. That is why this is a popular method and a go-to therapy among doctors and patients.

  • Graston Technique

Another technique that uses stainless steel instruments to administer muscle mobilizations is the Graston technique which is more of an intense therapy. Here the instrument is run over the skin to feel the tissue restricting the movement. After that, the tissues are broken with an apparatus to restore the function of the joints and enhance mobility.

  • Thompson Technique

The Thompson technique is a deeper treatment where full spine adjustment is involved. First, the knots and constraints are located, and then the joints are adjusted using a segmental drop table. This is mainly a low-force, low-amplitude procedure where the table enhances the movement of misaligned spinal extremities.

  • Flexion-Distraction

Flexion-Distraction is typically performed to treat the root causes of back pain. The method involves aligning the spine by fixing disk herniation and then flexing the spine in a gentle pumping rhythm. This non-force procedure removes pressure from the spinal nerves and resolves the disc bulge or herniation.

  • Motion Palpation

The next type of chiropractic method in this line is motion palpation. Depending on your symptoms and back pain severity, a chiropractic practitioner endorses this therapy. With this diagnostic technique, they get to identify the areas of the spine where the spinal column is out of alignment. They will check the entire spine from lumbar to thoracic to guide the patient towards proper treatment.


  • Lumbar Roll

In this Lumbar Roll technique, the chiropractor applies a precise pressure or a thrust to the problematic areas. It is meant particularly for patients with acute back pain, where it properly aligns the vertebrae of the spine.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy

This Soft Tissue Therapy is among the safe chiropractic treatments where the back pain chiropractor uses his hand to manipulate muscles and eliminate soft tissue pain and discomfort. Even Trigger point therapy, post-isometric relaxation, and massage are often used to reduce chronic pain conditions.


With such a wide range of methods and techniques, it is evident that chiropractic treatment is effective for acute back pain and can even help treat neck pain and headaches. Research has also shown that chiropractic care will encourage you to incorporate stretches into your daily routine. This factor will encourage proper alignment through a gentle, non-forceful method that will create space for healing.

So, when the back chiropractor manipulates the joints using a controlled force, it is meant to prevent any injury and provide back pain relief. Hence, when you combine the chiropractic system with other treatments, you get a holistic approach to keep the musculoskeletal system in an optimal alignment. So, consult a back pain chiropractor near your area to obtain intensive manipulative therapy and get a long-term outcome.