Technology is growing rapidly in all sectors including the healthcare sector. However, the healthcare sector has been quite slow in implementing the new technologies compared to the other sectors. This is due to its strict nature and the sensitive nature of medical information. 

Nonetheless, the healthcare sector has made great steps that have redefined how patients receive treatment, how data is collected, and how research is carried out. Technology has also enabled medical companies such as Marshall medical manufacturing to operate efficiently.  Here are some of the ways that technology has improved the healthcare industry.


  • Patients now receive better treatments and there is better equipment as well


Through technology, better equipment has been developed. This better equipment has enabled doctors to provide more comprehensive care. This has led to better treatment which in turn has improved the quality of lives of many patients who suffer from a long term illness. 

Through technology, scientists have come up with better medicine. Better medicine has cleared off the fear of life-threatening ailments of the past. The digital health and public crowdfunding have also enabled patients to receive quality treatment even if they could not afford to pay.


  • Improved relationship with patients


Technology has enabled doctors to access a patient’s records easily and quickly. This gives them extensive medical information of a certain patient, hence allowing them to provide personalized treatment to a patient. Traditionally, a patient’s medical files were kept in the stores or halls. This led to large amounts of paperwork and made it difficult to find files from many years back. But now, technology has made it easy because records can be kept online, making them easily available for both the patient and doctor. 

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  • Faster results


In the past, getting results of medical test took a long time, it could take even months. But with the improved technology, results can be out within no time. Nowadays, several hospitals and clinics offer web portals, enabling one to access his or her results within hours or a few days.

This is absolutely a good move since it reduces a patient’s anxiety and provides them with the answers they want. The web portals also allow patients to have access to their past medical records. That gives them a chance to keep track of their appointments, billing, and medical issues. 


  • Software solutions have improved healthcare and disease control


The development of certain software solutions has enabled the World Health Organization [WHO] to classify certain ailments, their causes, and symptoms into a huge database with more than 15,000 individual codes.

This information is vital because medical professionals and researchers can use it to track and utilize valuable data to control diseases and provide better healthcare. Software solutions also help in tracking medical procedures and used in billing, hence reducing the amount of paperwork. 


  • Reduced risk and recovery time


Technology has improved the safety of medical procedures. Due to the development in technology, technological innovations like the laser treatments and medical procedures are now less risky. The use of technology has also reduced recovery time. In some instances, the recovery time has been reduced from many weeks to just a few days.