The disorder about which the awareness in the society is below the normal levels the damage caused is much severe. Knowing a little about the cause of disorders helps in the better methods of tackling them and avoiding them to enter the extreme stage. 

This is the problem with Asthma, most asthma patients come to know about Asthma only when they become one of the patients. Asthma belongs to the category of diseases which do not have any full treatment just like diabetes mellitus. With the proper use of medications, one can only control a certain function. 

For example, in diabetes mellitus, the levels of insulin are brought back to normal levels by the use of insulin shots. Thus, the levels of sugar are kept under control thus after a certain time again the shots of insulin need to be given. This goes on till the person is alive. 

Similarly, in the case of Asthma with the use of Levolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds one can only control the frequency of asthma symptoms occurring. The complete cure is still not found and this is the reason inhalers become best friends of asthma patients. 

What causes asthma?

Asthma is nothing but a nasal disorder where the airways get inflamed and constricted leading to blockage. This causes the transmission of air from in and out of the lungs to end. The person, therefore, feels difficulty in breathing and a whistling sound emits while inhaling and exhaling air. 

With it, the person sneezes and coughs terribly, all of this is called an asthma trigger. Asthma is substance-related specific which means unless you come in contact with that substance you will be all okay. But as soon that substance comes in contact with your sense you sneeze, cough, and get breathless. 

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But after a few moments, it stops, using Seretide Accuhaler from Arrowmeds according to Asthalin Inhaler Reviews. These substances are called asthma triggers, these are mainly substances to which the person is allergic. It may be individual to each person or same also. Some of the asthma triggers are tobacco, cigarette smoke, dust particles, emissions from vehicles and smog, etc. 

Some may start sneezing on inhaling cigarettes while some of them may get uncomfortable with dust particles. The reason why people get contracted asthma is regular exposure to these asthma triggers for a long time. Suppose at your office, your boss smokes a cigarette and you get the symptoms of asthma when you inhale them. You regularly go to the office, and therefore regularly inhale the smoke and sneeze and cough. Once this cycle goes on for a few weeks and months the person gets diagnosed with asthma. 

Types of Asthma

There are basically two types of asthma depending on the types of at what age you get hit by the storm, they are Adult-Onset Asthma, Child-Onset Asthma. While reading the name only one can recognize the age group. 

Adult-Onset Asthma is the reason where adults get diagnosed with asthma due to regular exposure to their individual triggers. Though in adults the immune system is fully developed but still the particles crack it. The foreign particles in this case of asthma are more strong and likely to cause more damage other than Asthma. 

Child-Onset Asthma is caused in childhood as in this phase the immunity system is not fully developed to tackle the foreign attacks. Hence, they are more vulnerable to not only asthma but also other chronic diseases. Special care must be given to children living in high pollution areas. 

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What is the experience of asthma triggers?

A person suffering from asthma would be the live example to describe the experience of going through an asthma trigger. The nose gets hurt, you feel suffocated due to the blockage of airways. Sometimes the sneezing and coughing are so extreme that even blood comes out, but in rare cases only. 

If not stopped in few moments the trigger can lead to an extreme situation where the person needs to be taken to the hospital. To prevent such situations asthma is advised to use Flixonase nasal spray from Arrowmeds according to Asthalin Inhaler Reviews

These inhalers have chemicals in them such as salbutamol which helps in the opening of the airways which were contracted. When puffs of inhalers are taken in the nasal activity it gets applied on the surface which relaxes the tissues around it which gets rid of the inflammation and the easing of tissues helps in removing the blockage which earlier prevented the air from lungs from coming in and out. 

Now the whistling sound is also gone, but when the chemical applied is used the airways again get contracted. Hence, whenever you get an asthma trigger you have to use the inhaler. 


Using inhalers can give relief to the extent that asthma will no longer interfere in your daily life. But still, it has not been eliminated and one in a few triggers of asthma are quite normal.