The majority of people afraid of the dentist are scared because of second hand information and horror stories, which have affected their perception of a field necessary for overall body health and self-esteem. The negative perception of dentistry can cause a person to procrastinate seeing the dentist. Unfortunately, this often leads to long-term teeth problems and major oral health issues, which can affect the whole body and lead to serious dental procedures. There are many myths surrounding a visit to the dentist. Here are four prevalent myths.

Dental Treatment Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

This is not true. Pregnant women should go to the dentist for routine cleanings, overall examinations and fillings if necessary. It is safe to do any X-rays procedures and to administer anesthetic if done whenever it is only necessary. Inform the dentist ahead of time about pregnancy because there are some procedures and medications to avoid like amalgam removal and antibiotics.

Dental X-Rays Are Unsafe and Unnecessary

X-rays are necessary because they detect a variety of problems and decay. There is no need to fear the radiation from an X-ray either. The dose of radiation is quite small considering almost all dentists utilize digital radiography.

Excessive Brushing Makes Your Teeth Better

This is a common myth. Toothpaste has an abrasive property, so over-brushing can actually wear on teeth. This may lead to dental concerns down the roads. Instead of over-brushing, it is best stick to brushing just twice a day. If you want to keep your teeth free of food, rinse your teeth after snack and meals. Finally, chew sugarless gum to cut back on plaque accumulation.

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Weight Loss Can Affect the Fit of Your Dentures

This is completely untrue. What determines the fit of your dentures is how the bone under the tissue is shaped. Weight loss has nothing to do with how dentures fits. There is no connection whatsoever. According to Dentistry, dentures do a lot to improve the quality of life for patients for cosmetic and functional reason, and they can be put in as quickly as two days. Do not let this myth sway you from increasing your quality of life and self-esteem.

The above are just a few of many debunked myths. Continue to do diligent research to ensure you are taking as good of care of your teeth as you are supposed to. Also, visiting your dentist will confirm or deny most preconceived notions. Good dental care is one key to overall health. Caring for your teeth should get as much attention as anything else does.