It’s frustrating, and even alarming if you started taking medication, but you still haven’t got better. You worry that things aren’t getting any better, and your illness is worse than you thought. Before you panic, these are some things you need to do.

Recheck the prescription 

It’s possible that you’re not following the prescription properly. Even if you have the right medication, you won’t get better if you fail to follow what the physician told you. Perhaps, you didn’t buy the right dosage. You also failed to take the meds on time. You can go through the prescription again to see if you can change what you’re currently doing. If unclear, you can always contact your doctor.

Go for a follow-up check-up

You might have to see your doctor again to find out if there’s something wrong with you. The diagnosis might be incorrect. Your doctor might even recommend to up the dosage. You need to explain that you didn’t feel better after your first check-up so the physician can decide the next step.

Ask for a second opinion 

It won’t hurt to ask for a second opinion from a different physician. You might have received an incorrect diagnosis, so your current medication doesn’t work. The other doctor will consider other possibilities once you explain your medical history. It’s possible that doctors don’t agree on the same thing. You can receive a better treatment once you have a correct diagnosis.

Request a series of tests

Some doctors don’t require tests to confirm an illness. They already know what’s wrong with you by asking a few questions. Your medical history and records could also help in the diagnosis. However, some symptoms could be confusing. Your responses when asked might not help in diagnosing you. Therefore, the tests could confirm what’s wrong with you. It could be a blood test or an X-ray depending on the current symptoms. Some tests are conclusive while others might require parallel tests. Either way, you need to be patient if you want to receive the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Hopefully, these actions will help confirm what’s wrong with you so you can receive the right treatment. You might have to undergo several tests or check-ups before confirming the problem. You have to be patient especially if you’re getting conflicting reports from your doctor.

Make sure that you document how you feel. Follow the prescription diligently and don’t try to change whenever you feel like it. For instance, if you decide to buy antibiotics online UK pharmacies sell, you need to finish the medication as prescribed. You can’t stop just because you feel like you’re already getting better.

If things get worse, you have to immediately head back to your doctor. You need to indicate the problem, and how long you’ve been dealing with it. You can’t expect to get better the next day. It depends on your current illness and other pre-existing conditions. Just follow what your doctor tells you, and hope for the best.