The future of PEMF devices after Coronavirus

In a few years or even less, the disastrous virus known as “Covid-19”(more commonly called Coronavirus) Would certainly vanish from the face of this planet. Especially with how the greatest scientists of this planet have already produced various vaccines and such, the question is that. What will PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices face with the aftermath? Will they be used more? Or will the general public just discard them altogether? This article will be focused on that topic itself, read below to find out more!

The usability of PEMF devices

As of the current period, PEMF devices are mainly popularized due to how convenient they are for non-invasive procedure of fixing non-union fracture of bones. Other features have also been documented, such as PEMF devices being able to altogether treat depression, enhance the mental aspects of a person by improving their focus and sleeping patterns.

It is needless to say that even with the rather dubious nature of PEMF, it has slowly been gaining traction as medical practitioners along with the general public and wellness centers have started using it for general quality of life purposes.

Even for athletes, PEMF mats are certainly a good way to overcome their fatigue and acquire some energy to their muscles due to the PEMF essentially being a device that concentrates an electromagnetic field equivalent to that of the earth’s to expose its user with.

To be precise, PEMF itself has been approved by FDA, that clearly means it has a value to its usage. This is why PEMF devices have been getting so much popularity as of late due to how convenient the devices are. With no stress(pun intended) of going to a chiropractor or an orthopedician and a reduced cost compared to getting a surgery for fractured bones, PEMF surely would be a lucrative choice for many.

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But now let us come to the main topic, what does Covid-19 have to do with PEMF? Does the PEMF therapy help someone who is afflicted with that dreaded infection?

PEMF; A hope for the future?

PEMF for Covid-19 related problems so far has shown no remarkable success, on the contrary, nothing at all. There have been some claims that do support the fact that PEMF could potentially benefit those with the infection and improve their health in several aspects due to being able to manage other viral diseases.

In simple terms, while PEMF technology can’t be used for outright treating the Covid-19 virus, it can alleviate its symptoms to some degrees, just enough to keep the patient breathing and comfortable till the virus resolves itself.

With this, some hospitals have started using PEMFs for Covid-19 related incidents to help their patients in going through the condition comfortably and coming out of it.

Specifically, The SofPulse Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device has shown potential benefits in that aspect. By effectively reducing the pro-inflammatory cytokine Interleukin 1 Beta and improving circulation in tissues.

But, there hasn’t been any active clinical trials to prove the efficacy of this device in treating respiratory inflammatory conditions. The PEMF device has proven itself effective in mitigating the release of various inflammatory response factors of the body.

While there could be some potentially hazardous effects for those who are living with a pacemaker in their body since the PEMF could potentially interfere with the functioning of the pacemaker. But those who are not dependent on that specific device are able to use the PEMF therapy with few to no side effects, if there are any. This makes it more or a less a rather first hand choice for treating a viral disease. With that said, what does this hold for the future of all PEMF devices after the pandemic ends?

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Final Verdict

As of the current state of PEMF, it is still at a stage of infancy and therefore will need a lot of time to effectively be useful for more serious medical procedures and such. If the experiments with treating viral diseases or even mitigating the symptoms of some, such as Covid-19, are any indication. Then PEMF in the future could possibly gain a better use of its technology and gain more applications for its usage.

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