An optometrist is a person who practices optometry. Optometry is the examination, diagnosis and treatment of eye associated disorders. Historically, optometry began with the primary focus of correcting refractive error by the use of spectacles. Today, optometry has evolved and optometrists require intensive training before doing optometry and they take time before reaching a diagnosis. One also has to study practices related to optometry and be licensed. Being a certified profession, an optometrist can practice it in various locations. Several hospitals have optometrists and you will be referred to them if your eyesight needs further testing.

Diseases and disorders located outside the profession are mostly referred to ophthalmologists who specialize in medical and surgical care of the eye. Optometrists will also work closely with other professionals such as opticians and ophthalmologists to deliver proper eye care to people. This means that if an optometrist cannot figure out a certain disorder, he or she will consult other professionals until he or she finds an answer. There are some questions that keep occurring why it comes to optometry. They include:

  1. What is difference between an optometrist and an optician?

An optometrist is licensed to examine the eyes, perform eye tests, and dispense and prescribe corrective lenses. An optician on the other hand is licensed to verify, design and fit eyeglasses. Opticians are also not allowed to diagnose eye diseases. If you lose your eyeglasses or break them, you should visit an optician for replacement.

  1. Is an ophthalmologist an optician?

An ophthalmologist is a physician who specializes in surgical and medical care of eyes. He or she also helps in the prevention of eye injury and eye disease. An ophthalmologist will also give you different options which you can use to treat your eye if surgery is not an option.

  1. What do you have to do to become an optometrist
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To become an optometrist, you need to have a degree or a diploma. It takes around four years to complete a degree in a related field such as chemistry or biology for one to be able to apply for optometry programs.

Optometrists can make a big difference in people’s lives. They can even help treat life changing illnesses such as blood pressure, brain tumor or diabetes. They work with people of all ages and advise them on how to look after their eyes. Hospital optometrists provide specialist support and work with a larger health team. If you have even the slightest of eye problems, you should visit the nearest optometrist and have your eyes checked.

Optometric services are not expensive and they vary depending to the eye problem and diagnosis. Lots of research is still continuing so as to discover the reasons behind some eye problems.

You can find an optometrist’s services both locally and internationally. If you are searching for an optometrist San Diego, you can seek for an optometrist online where you can later on book an appointment.