Nearly everyone suffers back pain at some point in life. It does not have to put you down, though. Some people forego workouts when they develop such complications. Instead, they want to ‘rest’ hoping everything will be okay before they resume their normal routine. Research has it that the right movements can be very helpful in ensuring a faster healing process.

It is safe to exercise with mid-back and low-back pain. Only instances of severe back pain call for doctor’s clinic as opposed to the gym. However, going on with your workout doesn’t mean you should keep everything the way it was. It is advisable for those suffering back pains to develop exercise routines that are friendlier to the spine. Avoid common mistakes that everyone else makes. We will highlight some of them.

Touch-ties hamstring stretches

You do not want to strain you back further when you have back complications. Instead of engaging in intensive exercises such as those touch-your-toes hamstring stretches, opt for something more spine-friendly such as supported hamstring stretch. You can achieve this by having the heel of one leg on the chair while tilting the pelvis forward. Be sure to keep your back straight while leaning forward.

Hurdler’s stretch

This exercise involves sitting upright while extending one leg and bending the other. This exercise is effective for someone who has a healthy back. If you have some issues, it is safer doing it while lying down. Actually, fitness experts agree that doing so is just as effective as practising the same while sitting. The latter exercise is known as side-lying quadriceps stretch. It is more beneficial to the body and gentle on your back. For detailed information on this exercise, click here.

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Leg raises

Most people target the abdominals by lying back and steadily raising then lowering their straightened legs. This is not one of the best spine-stressing workouts, fitness experts observe. It is even worse for someone dealing with back pains. Instead of this strenuous workout, you can adopt reverse curl-ups. This exercise involves lying on the back with extended arms. Bend while raising the knees to a 90-degree angle until your feet are off the floor. Try bringing the knees to the chest while lifting the hips from the floor. Release steadily to the start position and repeat.


It is true that running burns more calories compared to jogging or walking. However, it can worsen your back pains. Until you are okay, simply adopt low-impact alternatives such as walking or jogging. It gets you outdoors and sets the mood for other back-friendly workouts. A study carried out in 2012 revealed that simply walking 20-40 minutes twice per week eases low back pain. In addition, walking is also healthy for the heart.

Mid-back and low-back pains are normal ailments that many people have to deal with on a consistent basis. Knowing how to deal with them can keep you in good health. Do not make workout mistakes that only seek to worsen things instead of helping. When you develop back pains, talk to your fitness instructor or personal trainer on the best exercises to adopt and which ones to avoid.