People are using both the fireplace and wood-burning stoves for the relaxing ambiance and warming up the place. But due to their similar purposes, people find it difficult to choose between them.

Key Differences Between Wood Burning Stove and Fireplace

Both the fireplace and a Wood burning stove can be utilized for the same purpose i.e., hear up the house, and with wood being the primary fuel, both the options are taken under consideration. Differences between these two can easily be understood by comparing factors such as cost, aesthetic, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Read more

#1 Appearance 

All the pictures from old times do give an image of how exactly the fireplace looks like. When it comes to the aesthetics of a fireplace, nothing can beat it. The textures, colors, and bricks add all the ancient feelings. If you’re looking for a traditional fire burning place in the house, then a fireplace is your option. On the other hand, wood-burning stoves take very much space to fix it and give the modern vibes. If you’re modern, a stove is your go-to thing. But it can never provide a traditional touch.

#2 Efficiency 

Considering the fact that the fireplaces have a chimney and according to the reports, around 90% of the heat gets wasted due to chimneys. So you only get approximately 10% of the heat produced, which means it will require more wood compared to a Log burner or a stove. Talking about a wood-burning stove, it gives 3x more heat than the fireplace. It does not waste a tremendous amount of heat through the chimney, hence saving lots of money. 

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#3 Eco-Friendly Heating

Wood is still considered to be the safest fuel. However, you can not completely eradicate the hazard carbon monoxide gives to nature during combustion. Still, at least you can minimize it as much as you can by choosing the right option. Burning more wood is equal to putting more mono oxide in the environment, which is the case with a fireplace. Many stoves now come with a guaranteed less emission. In addition, they naturally burn mess wood and cause less pollution.

#4 Safety 

A major concern of families while opting for a fireplace or a stove is especially about safety. The fireplace is usually an open fire space that might be hazardous for your little one or even if you have a pet. Any disturbance in the chimney might fill the house with dangerous gases. On the contradictory stoves come a close combustion compartment, which ensures that no spark comes out of the stove nor does anyone burn himself. 

Final Call:

There were the main differences between the between a Wood Burning stove and a fireplace. Now, it’s your call which one fits your lifestyle more.  Click here