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Whether you’re still hybrid working, your job has gone completely remote, or you’re self-isolating, working from home can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have the proper set up. Maybe you’re using your dining room table as a desk, or you’ve been relegated to the sofa to complete your daily tasks, working from home can put strain on your back and neck if you don’t do it right.


We’ve been doing some research and we’ve found a few ways you can make your working from home set up a little more comfortable, helping to prevent neck and back pain and issues later in life.


We’ve listed each item below and explained why it will help your neck and back. Check them out now.


Get a proper chair


Don’t settle for the dining room set or the stool at your vanity table. Invest in a proper ergonomic office chair that supports your back properly.


Sitting positions can have a huge impact on your back. If you’re sitting hunched over all the time, you’re adding strain to your neck and back which can cause you discomfort. Finding a chair with proper lumbar support, solid armrests, and an adjustable angle, can help to support your back.


A laptop stand


Most of us use laptops when we’re at home now and the screen height difference from the monitor you’re using at work can cause you to slouch and hunch at your desk. Getting a laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level, helping to straighten your spine.

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You can find all kinds of laptop stands now, from adjustable height stands, to ones where you can still use the keyboard. The world is your oyster when it comes to a laptop stand these days.


A keyboard and mouse set


Once you’ve got a laptop stand, you might find it more difficult to type with the raised position and so getting a separate keyboard and mouse can help you to work more conveniently.


Keyboards even come with an ergonomic design now to relive any strain on your wrist and hands, helping to support those joints as well as your neck and back!


A desk with lots of space


If possible, investing in a desk that is large enough to fit all of your equipment on is best for your back. With a large desk space, you can create zones for the items on your desk, keeping your most used items in the primary zone and the least used in the tertiary zone, to minimise the stretching and twisting you need to do throughout the day.


Using zones on your desk is a great way to support your neck and back while sitting at your desk all day. Investing in a good desk with lots of space is a must if you’re going to be working from home a lot.


If your space isn’t big enough for a desk, there are other items you could try. Bed desks, where the legs fold out, kind of like a breakfast tray, are available across the internet and they even come with cup holders now! We’re not advocating for you to work in bed, but if needs must! A laptop tray for your bed or sofa can help to raise your laptop up to your eyeline and will prevent you from hunching over.

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Supporting your neck and back while working from home is essential to good posture, overall health, and to preventing back problems later in life. If you find that your back is starting to ache more as you work from home, it may be time for you to see a chiropractor. A chiropractor, like Richmond Chiropractor, can help to ensure your alignment is correct and that you’re not causing any permanent damage.