Are you tasked with the management of a medical practice? If you are, then you know how hectic and busy it can get in the day to day operations. From setting up appointments to updating patient charts and mailing out bills, you are wondering how you can streamline the process to be more efficient and convenient.

Upgrading your office’s EHR (electronic healthcare records) and PM (practice management) will provide a more effective and efficient way of managing the practice.


What is EHR and What Does It Do?

Before we talk about the benefits of upgrading, let’s first discuss EHR or electronic healthcare records. As briefly mentioned, EHRs are health records that are digitized and contain comprehensive information about your patients. It includes the patient’s demographics, developmental information, vital signs, diagnosis, and other pertinent information.


Electronic healthcare records also contain the healthcare provider’s notes (which typically can be challenging to decipher when it is handwritten). Information contained in an EHR is transmitted when sending an electronic claim to your patient’s health insurance provider, which allows for quicker reimbursements.


Why Should You Upgrade Your EHR?

Upgrading your EHR will provide better care during emergencies. You will be able to access your patient’s information immediately and effectively by being able to view the patient’s full-chart on demand. So, no more fumbling around drawers during an emergency, access your patient’s information quickly and seamlessly by upgrading, their life may depend on it. Improvements in taking preventive measures against medical errors is another reason why you should upgrade your EHR.

Accuracy is vital in any industry, but it is especially essential in the healthcare industry. After all, we are dealing with people’s health. An upgraded EHR to a system like NextGen EHR will ensure you are entering the correct information into a patient’s EHR. By upgrading, you are also offering a higher level of quality patient care while also making improvements in care coordination.


What is PM and What Does it do?

PM or practice management is software used in the daily operations of a medical practice. PM software that used to streamline and automate administrative functions. Project Management software will help with tasks like scheduling appointments, capturing patient demographic information, checking insurance eligibility, generating reports, and inventory management.


Why Should You Upgrade Your PM?

Upgrading your PM will not only help you manage the office’s daily operations, but it will also provide an avenue to consolidate tasks. By upgrading your PM, you will have the ability to multitask seamlessly. For instance, you have a patient that needs to schedule an appointment, while at the same time, you are on the phone with a patient’s insurance provider checking eligibility.

You can manage multiple tasks simultaneously by upgrading your PM. By upgrading your Project Management, you will have the ability to enter the information on the same screen. Having this option will allow for optimal organization while saving you time by consolidating tasks with an upgraded PM. Another reason why you should upgrade is to manage inventory effectively. You wouldn’t want to run out of critical supplies when your patients need it most. By upgrading, you will be able to check on inventory in real-time and automate the replenishment of vital supplies through an upgraded PM.


A Final Note

These are only to mention a few of the many reasons why you should upgrade your EHR and PM. When upgrading your EHR and PM you must consider choosing the best software, like NextGen EHR. The software will conveniently integrate your EHR and PM, allowing you to concentrate on providing top-quality care while also managing your medical practice efficiently.