You probably work hard to stay healthy and fit, but it can be difficult to meet your weight loss goals for a number of reasons. While diet difficulties are the main reason for not getting the desired results, there are some surprising causes of struggles with weight loss. Check out some of the following ideas on why your diet isn’t cutting it and what to do about it.

Why your diet isn't working

Why we diet

People diet to lose excess weight for reasons of physical appearance or health, however, diets are difficult to follow long-term without proper planning. Planning should include meal choices for each day. It is necessary to make a grocery list to focus your food budget for the week on healthy options to choose instead of convenient fast food and unhealthy snacks.

When you go grocery shopping, avoid going when you are hungry. That will prevent you being tempted to buy unhealthy foods. Stick to your list and choose healthy ingredients for meals. Cooking a few times each week and eating leftovers will save money and time.

Diet choices

Choosing the right diet means everything. Trendy diets can allow you to lose weight short-term but are rarely sustainable. Diet trends can even throw off the balance of nutrients you need. Instead, follow a diet of fruits, vegetables, fiber and lean protein, keeping within a recommended daily calorie intake.

Skipping meals is not effective when it comes to weight loss, since it throws off your metabolism and sends your body into starvation mode. Your body tends to react by conserving stored fat, which makes it harder to lose weight.

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Maintaining an exercise routine can be difficult with busy schedules, but not getting enough exercise will reduce and slow weight loss. Remember that you can work out at home, jog outdoors, or join a gym.

If you lack motivation, sign up for a fitness class or get a friend to buddy up with you for workouts so you hold each other accountable.

Considering all options

When you stick to a diet and take regular exercise but don’t achieve your weight loss goals it can be frustrating. That is when many people choose to maximize their weight loss with bariatric procedures, including non-surgical options.

One non-invasive bariatric procedure is as simple as swallowing a capsule that releases a balloon in your stomach. That fills your stomach and allows you to consume less while still feeling full after eating. The best way to figure out which procedure is best for your needs is to contact a bariatric specialist.


Most people are surprised to learn that thirst can easily be confused with hunger. That’s why the best thing you can do when you feel hungry is reach for your glass of water. That will help you eat less when you snack or have main meals.

Sugary beverages should be avoided, however, there is so much you can do to add flavor to your drinking water. Add natural fruity flavors to plain water with an infuser water bottle where you simply add the fruit that you like. Boil water to make tea and squeeze a lemon or orange wedge into it for a pleasant citrus flavor.

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From avoiding the grocery store to forgetting to exercise, there are several common mistakes that many people make when it comes to dieting. Hopefully some of these ideas will allow you to tweak your diet so it works for you and lose weight.