How Yoga Can Help You Overcome Chronic Pain From Personal Injuries

Chronic pain can decrease your quality of life, reduce your productivity, and strain your interactions with others. Practicing yoga may be the last thing on your mind when you are suffering from chronic pain, but yoga may be the key to coping.

A program for every need

Yoga is a powerful tool for healing because anyone can do it. The nature of your injury will affect the types of exercises you can do, but you will still be able to practice. If your mobility is limited, start with meditation and visualization practices to help you manage your pain. If you are able to move, then yoga therapy and restorative yoga may be helpful. These types of yoga involve targeted movements to affect the muscle groups associated with the injury without neglecting the rest of your body. Yoga postures can be modified for your needs, and there are also props to assist you.


Yoga enables you to balance your alignment if you have been compensating for your injury. Modified postures allow you to stretch and move tight tissue that has healed while relieving tension in areas that you have been overusing as a result of your injury.

Relieve spasms

When you are injured, your muscles can become tight due to lack of use and poor circulation. You may suffer from muscle spasms. Yoga can reduce or relieve muscle spasms by improving blood flow to the affected area and diminishing tension.

Better Sleep

Poor sleep decreases your pain tolerance. As you feel more pain, it can become more difficult to sleep. Since yoga works to relieve stress and anxiety, it can improve the sleep that your body needs to cope with chronic pain.

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Stress Relief

Chronic pain can cause a great deal of stress in your life, from not being able to move much to finances. It’s important to control stress during this time in your life so you can focus on healing. For financial stress, it’s important to speak with personal injury attorneys like those at Law Firm  to help you get the compensation you deserve. For work stress, talk to your boss about your improvements and send them paperwork needed from your doctor. When you’ve done everything you can and still feel stressed, consider yoga to help clear your mind. Yoga can help you control your stress levels with breathing practices and relaxing your body, which can help both your mind and your body heal.

If you are dealing with chronic pain from an injury, talk with your doctor or physical therapist about the safest ways for you to heal. Yoga is just one drug-free way to retrain your body and mind around the pain patterns that you have been experiencing.