yoga poses

Many people believe that Yoga is for the ladies and that it is too cheap to help men with sexuality issues. However, it is just misguided information with no basis. In fact, Yoga is essential for men and especially helping enhance sexual energy and virility. Yoga has its roots in India. History has it that the yogis men that lived in India long ago were very strong and sexually active. It is also believed that they had a longer life expectancy and that they were sexually active even in their old and advanced years. Besides, yoga contributes to enhancing endurance during sex. Yoga has got a variety of poses that will improve a man’s flexibility, making them better in bed. It helps attain body balance and helps improve romance. Let us look at some of the yoga poses that help men boost their sexuality. However, you have to couple up yoga exercises with a healthy diet. Importantly, prepare adequately for yoga sessions so as to benefit fully.

Seated Forward Bend
Unlike other exercises to improve sexual stamina and workout sessions, yoga does not do much in the building of muscles. It works by relaxing the muscles and enhancing flexibility. Seated forward bends help you achieve better and enhanced flexibility. It can be done anywhere and is best in the woods where there is a clean and calm environment. Be seated with both legs outstretched in front of you. Try to lean forward without raising your legs at the joint around the knees. Your elbows should rest slightly on the knees and then stretch so that your fingers try to reach for your toes. Make sure that you are not overstretched and that your body feels free and relaxed. Take a deep breath and hold. Exhale slowly so that you feel your body relax. Repeat this for five times. The pause is important in that it helps control breathing, improves mobility and helps attain sexual energy.

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Cahir pose
The pose mimics the position that we usually achieve when seated on a chair. It focuses on the thigh muscles. Assume that position and then raise your hands above your head with the hands close to the ears. This way your legs are squeezed together and are a bit strained. They are in the condition that your legs get into when you are having sex. Stay in the chair pose position for about twenty seconds. The importance of the pose is to help enhance endurance. Yoga is about flexibility and not working out; you should, therefore, modify this pose to a level where your body is relaxed, and that matches your strength. It will help strengthen your legs, which are very vital during sex. You can also do another exercise to improve sexual stamina so as to help your body benefit more.

Runners Stretch
This pose will work on the muscles of the pelvic floor. These are important as they control ejaculation. The pose starts at a standing position. Take a big stride in front using your right leg. Bend the right leg at the knee to make a right angle. It is easy as you let the ankle and the knees be in the same line. Touch the ground with your palms on either side of the right leg. Bring the upper part of your body close to the knee so that the left foot is touching the ground far much behind using the toes. Feel the stretch and hold in that position for some time. Concentrate on your breathing. Return to starting standing position and do the same with the other leg. This exercise will help strengthen your pelvic muscles and enhance your breathing. Breathing and ejaculation are related. You can slow your ejaculation using the muscles as well as with controlled breathing.

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Cobra pose
Assume the kneeling position and place your palms on the ground so that you are at shoulder width and on all your four. Lower your body slowly ensuring that your torso remains elevated. Let your behind rest on your feet. Your arms should be straight and with the elbows facing inwards towards the body. Relax and take a deep breath. If you feel any discomfort or pains, modify your position so as to ease the pain. Lower the neck to touch the ground with your forehead through the space between your arms. Once you have attained a comfortable position that you feel your body is stretched in a cobra position, hold for half a minute. Take deep, controlled breaths. The pose will help you achieve flexibility and vitality. It is also essential for men’s sexual health.

Yoga poses are effective when accompanied by the right diet and lifestyle. Sexual energy will also be enhanced by making sure that you have a peace of mind. Remember that sex is mental and will be significantly affected by the quality of your thoughts.