Dental Dread, How to Make Your Dentist Visit Less Scary

Regardless of the amount of work that has gone into creating your practice website, it will remain in the “white elephant project” category if no one can see it. The time and financial investments into your practice website is only valuable if you are also taking steps to increase site traffic. Want to get more people to see your dental practice website? Here top tips to act on today.

Focus on Your Google Ranking

Your ranking in Google’s SERPs determines if new people will discover your practice. To improve your ranking, focus on creating valuable content around the key search terms for your practice. These terms are what your prospective clients will enter into the search bar when looking for your services. The terms can vary but they will feature the focus of your practice, solutions you provide and a mention of your location. Dentists that ignore search ranking need to remember that nearly 80 per cent of patients will only book an appointment after they have done a search. It is, therefore, important to embrace on-page and off-page optimisations to improve site traffic.

Leverage on Online Reviews

A fifth of internet users consult online reviews before they settle for a health-care provider. There are no studies for millennials exclusively but you can be certain that an overwhelming majority of them will only use your service if they are impressed by reviews. “It is a pity that many dentist still do not understand the impact of reviews,” says DR. Cecilia L. Luong at Tiger Smile Dental. “Regardless of your area of specialisation, you need to ensure your patients are leaving honest reviews about your service. Not having any reviews is as bad having all negative reviews.”

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Just like many people will pay more attention to a hotel or resort with two dozen reviews and ignore the one with zero reviews, your dental practice will be ignored if there are no reviews as it communicates a lack of patient activity to the average web user today. Publish genuine reviews on your website and leverage on positive comments about your practice on social media. Show them off. If you have negative reviews, take steps to resolve. Prospects like to see that!

Use Social Media Effectively

Dental practitioners use social media to bring in new patients but they do not know its importance when it comes to catering for existing patients. Your current patients are less likely to visit your website again because they already know what you can offer them. This is why you should use social media to share posts and news about your service regularly to keep your practice in their subconscious. Social media will always affect the choices patients make so why not put it to good use for both present and prospective patients?

With these tips, you can ensure your dental practice website will begin to pay for itself by bringing in more prospective clients.