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What many of us don’t understand is: How should you start a healthy day? I have asked this question to several people. One of my friends said that he used to start day “rebounding” in the morning. This may be a new term to you, but I am not referring to a basketball term or dating breakup. I am talking about bouncing on a mini trampoline. Bouncing can be fun, but even more so if you realize its health benefits. Another friend of mine surprised me when she said warm lemon water wakes her up. Keep reading to find out how these unusual activities can make a better start for your day.

Idea #1: Rebounding

For the first morning wake-up tip, go to your mini-tramp and bounce for a while. You can keep it in your own room and start day with it. The best practice is to keep this exercise in your daily routine because of the health benefits it has.

You may sometimes prefer to go for a walk, jog, or jump rope in the morning, but sometimes outdoor exercise just isn’t possible and you must instead stay indoors for your morning exercise. In such cases, you can keep the trampoline under your bed and use it at your convenience. Or, you can just roll it and keep it behind the door.

It’s very important that upon waking up, you jumpstart your blood circulation as this will help you wake up in a good mood. Rebounding exercises will help prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression, blood pressure, etc. Rebounding exercises can help eliminate or relieve the symptoms. It can also help women reduce cellulite, or fatty stores. By rebounding, cellulite flow can be increased by 15-30% more. This is a good way to maintain your body.

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During the initial stage, you muscles may feel looser, but with time, they become tighter. You can get a mini-trampoline at the sporting goods store. These costs around $40. It would be helpful to have a 10-15 minute workout, but 20 minutes would be better. Try to exercise at least 3 times per week. You can do jumping jacks, kick your legs front/back, and swing your arms. If you need to burn extra calories, you can add hand movements or small circles with your body. Make a routine out of these workouts.

Some benefits of rebounding include:

  • Enhances G-force which strengthens the muscles
  • Lowers body fat
  • Protects the joints from exercising on a hard surface
  • Improves the digestive system and abdominal problems
  • Improves brain activity
  • Increase stamina and relieves back pain, headaches, and other pain
  • Improves the immune system and reduces the chance of catching colds
  • Slows down atrophy in the aging process

Idea #2: Warm Lemon Water at Morning

Drinking warm lemon water is one of two great ideas to start your day healthy. First, you can start your morning with a cup of warm lemon water. Think about what most people drink in the morning — mostly coffee, tea, juice, or milk. Each of these may have negative effects and are associated with harmful acid, sugar spikes, and other factors that negatively impact the digestive system. Avoid these if you can and try warm lemon water instead.

Believe it or not, you become pretty dehydrated after a night’s sleep. This refreshment will help hydrate you again and make you feel awake. It works like a “gear” in starting your day. All of your major organs and digestive track will benefit from this. The lemon is good for balancing the alkalinity of your body and has detoxing effects. On the other hand, the added warm water is good for your liver and gallbladder.

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Moreover, the lemon water has the advantage of burning extra calories from your body. You will feel lighter after drinking it. Gradually your body will able to resist the accumulation of extra fat as this drink helps to flush your system.

If your goal is to keep fit, you can try these two wake-up ideas. Not only are they healthy, they also can reduce extra weight by reducing extra calories and fat.

You may already know now that how those two ideas can help you to live a healthy life. Also, there are several resources on the web such as Phentramin-d review at DPRC can help you to lose your extra weight and to be healthy.