If you have sensitive skin, you know how much of a pain (literally) it is to make your way through the minefield of conventional beauty products. ‘Will my skin react to this? Is that product too drying?’…you may have spent hours poring over the beauty products on the pharmacy shelves wondering which solution will work and which will turn you into the human equivalent of a volcanic eruption. Here we’ve collected a guide to 3 beauty alternatives and approaches that are more natural, kind and gentle to sensitive skin, so you can have beautiful, soft, smooth skin with none of the hassle.

Eye Products

The eyes are a sensitive area for most people, and even more of a problem area for those with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, the area around the eyes is also most prone to showing early signs of ageing like wrinkle and fine lines, and the dryness and irritation suffered by those with sensitive skin only worsens the problem. Many people are shocked to find out some of the ingredients in eye care products, from allergens in eye creams to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in most eyelash glues.

Thankfully there are alternatives. Now you can get an all-natural, hypoallergenic false eyelash glue that protects your precious eyes while keeping you looking gorgeous. Hypoallergenic eye creams and eye make-up removers can also be extremely helpful for sensitive skin, while 100% natural products are cheap and gentle on skin. Don’t forget to choose hypoallergenic and sensitive make up products when it comes to the delicate eye area as well. Sensitive mascaras, eyeliners and eye shadow have thankfully been developed to allow beautifully accented eyes without the irritation.

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DIY Skincare

One of the best things about sensitive skin is that it can force you to be innovative, and DIY skincare was born from the ambition to find inexpensive, natural products that protect and nourish sensitive skin. Coconut oil is a versatile favourite, that can be used for everything from nourishing dry skin and conditioning hair to removing waterproof makeup. Apple cider vinegar can be useful for balancing the acid mantle of the skin and makes a great toner when mixed with water.

Calm down or gently exfoliate skin with an oatmeal mask or scrub. Or create your own salve by melting together natural beeswax and your favourite nourishing oil. DIY skincare has the advantages of being inexpensive, containing high quality ingredients, and you also know exactly what’s in it. The DIY magic can extend to include hair and body care as well, including luscious essential oils and moisturizing botanicals. Although natural products are generally gentle to skin, when trying out a new one for the first time it’s always important to check your sensitivity, because although it’s natural it doesn’t always mean it’s gentle.

Mineral Magic

While minerals have long been a favourite for makeup, that’s not their only application. Minerals such as zinc and titanium also have excellent application in natural and sensitive-friendly sunscreen. If there’s one thing that sensitive skin usually doesn’t like, it’s excess exposure to the burning, irritating effects of the sun, so keeping your sensitive skin protected should be of prime importance. Many mineral makeups are already high SPF, so if you wear makeup every day, it’s a good choice. If your skin responds well to mineral foundation, you can try mineral blush and eyeshadow as well.

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For those who want a more natural look, a mineral tinted moisturizer or mineral sunscreen is great for everyday use for sun protection. In some people with sensitive skin, mineral makeup or products can irritate the skin, so if this is you try non-nano particle mineral products or just avoid them. For most sensitive skin, mineral products provide a great sunscreen and makeup option.

While sensitive skin can be annoying and irritating, with these 3 beauty alternatives you can get great results for great value, and bring some much needed relief to your sensitive skin.