Meditation is a helpful way to bring more mindfulness into one’s life. To enhance the power of meditation, many people choose to incorporate essential oils during their meditative process. The following four essential oils are proven to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress during meditation.


A favorite amongst yogis and meditation fans everywhere, lavender essential oil has incredible calming properties that are designed to ease the mind. Promoting clarity and relaxation, lavender essential oil is recommended for meditation practitioners that find themselves restless when practicing. By inhaling lavender or using a diffuser, anyone can take advantage of this essential oil’s benefits during meditation.


Another popular oil that is used to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm throughout the body is CBD. Don’t expect CBD to have psychoactive effects–CBD oil is a non-intoxicating essential oil that helps to promote pain relief during a meditation session. Unlike other strains of cannabis, it won’t produce a “high”. When combined with deep breathing exercises and yoga, these effects are intensified. Consider taking CBD capsules, ingesting supplements orally, or applying the oil topically with creams or lotions.


Possessing restful qualities, chamomile is another essential oil to consider when meditating. Incredibly effective in fighting anxiety or restlessness, chamomile essential oil works wonders when paired with a guided meditation. Enjoy chamomile essential oil with the help of a diffuser, by wearing it on the skin, or wearing diffuser jewelry to ensure it’s close by during meditation.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of chamomile is to drink chamomile tea. This tea contains carminative and anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe the body’s digestive system, promoting wellness for the whole body.

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Sandalwood’s classic, musky aroma makes it a favorite amongst lovers of meditation everywhere. This essential oil protects against skin conditions while soothing stress and relieving muscle soreness. Making sandalwood essential oil part of one’s meditative practice can have incredible healing properties. By breathing in this fragrance, meditation practitioners are able to visualize more effectively and hone in their focus.

According to experts, sandalwood also helps to stimulate the seventh Chakra, improving self-identity and trust. Additionally, using sandalwood essential oil also increases one’s energy, passion for life, and overall enthusiasm, resulting in a truly rewarding meditative experience.

Make meditation a part of your life as you learn to reconnect with nature and yourself. With the right oils to enhance your experience, you’ll be able to enjoy a thoroughly healing meditation session.