With so many articles featuring fitness tips for weight loss it’s hard to tell which are truly effective. That’s why it’s important to always look for scientific proof for every piece of advice you find online. One thing is for sure, regular exercise makes you healthier and definitely contributes to weight loss. To achieve the best results, you simply need to choose the right kind of fitness plan.

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4 Fitness Tips for Weight Loss: Tested and Proven by Science

1.      Do Aerobics for Burning Off Belly Fat

While any type of exercise is generally beneficial for weight loss, aerobics, in particular, have a strong fat burning effect. According to a systematic review of multiple studies conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney, this type of workout is most effective for reducing VAT (visceral adipose tissue), also known as belly fat.

Today, aerobic workouts are often called cardio. This type of exercise includes:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Aquarobics (a good choice for people suffering from joint problems)
  • Dancing
  • Cycling
  • Boxing

Many fitness classes include some cardio exercises in combinations with other techniques. Discuss your training with your personal trainer to develop a fat burning plan of maximum efficiency.

Also, don’t forget that no matter how effective any fitness tips for weight loss are, exercise doesn’t produce great results without a diet. Aerobic workouts make you burn off a bunch of calories, but they also require a lot of energy. Therefore, it’s essential to eat some carbs and proteins before your gym session.

2.      Lift Weights to Keep Your Muscle Mass

Even wise and healthy dieting can push your body into the so-called ‘starvation mode’. This means it will reduce the rate of burning energy to extend the body’s inner resources to the maximum. One of the side-effects of such a change is a loss of muscle mass. Note that when your body ‘eats itself’, it starts ‘feeding’ of muscles before going through excess fat deposits.

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One of the most effective fitness tips for weight loss that help solve this problem is to incorporate weight lifting into your workout plan. This way you’ll be able to not only preserve and even increase your muscle mass. You will also boost your metabolism. The effect can be compared to taking natural weight loss pills that contain citrus and cayenne pepper extracts. Those are natural metabolism boosters that make your body ‘hot’ and speed up the fat burning rate. Resistance training acts the same, but also gives you beautiful, well-defined muscles.

The efficiency of resistance training for long-term weight loss is proven by numerous studies.

3.      Exercise in the Morning

Not all fitness tips for weight loss have to do with the type of activity you must perform. Studies show that the time of your workout also matters for the result. The scientists of today are just starting to understand the importance of circadian rhythms for the human body. Therefore, the majority of research is inconclusive.

However, according to Cedric X. Bryant from the American Council on Exercise, those who work out in the morning tend to stick to their routine more. Starting your day with physical activity helps you wake up and get energized. Never forget that exercising feels good because your body produces endorphins during it. Therefore, a morning workout literally charges you with positive energy.

4.      Stay Active All the Time

One of the most important weight loss tips that you must remember is that you must exercise regularly. If you want your results to stick, you must maintain a healthy workout regimen as well as a well-balanced diet.

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The University of Illinois has recently conducted two studies, one on mice and one on humans, which prove that exercising affects the gut microbiota. Therefore, keeping up your routine after achieving your fitness goals is vital to not only maintain your body weight. Doing this will allow you to be a stronger and healthier person.