5 Interesting Facts about Hydrotherapy

Over 70 percent of our world’s surface is made up of water. There’s no denying that water is vital to the existence of mankind, but many aren’t away from the many ways that water can be manipulated to improve physical and mental well-being. Hydrotherapy, which dates back hundreds of years, is a medicinal practice that uses water to help relieve a patient’s stress and increase their physical comfort by alternating between cold and warm therapeutic treatments in hot tubs Reno. If you’re in pain or you’re looking for a treatment to improve your well-being, here are 5 interesting facts about hydrotherapy:

Cold-Water Treatments Can Help Your Blood Flow

There are benefits of cold-water therapy and warm-water therapy. If you choose a cold-water circuit in a makeshift snow room, that sudden stimulation can actually benefit your health no matter how uncomfortable it can be to adjust. Taking the plunge into the cold can stimulate your blood vessels and ultimately improve your body’s circulation. This is especially helpful for people with conditions that affect blood flow to their hands and feet.

Warm-Water Therapeutic Treatments Can Boost Your Immune System

A hot tub with a wide range of jets shooting water at different speeds can massage the body and help flush out all of those unwanted toxins. Over the weeks and months, what you ingest and what you breathe in can build up in your lymphatic system. By getting rid of these toxins that force your immune system to work harder, you can improve your health and allow the immune system to focus more on serious illnesses. Warm-water therapy is also extremely more relaxing and comfortable than the cold-water hydrotherapy treatments.

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Detoxifying the Body without Full Immersion

You don’t have to fully immerse yourself in cold or hot water to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. Pools of water are great, but water vapors in the air also have healing benefits and promote well-being. The lymphatic system will get rid of toxins and fluids when you’re in a water pool of water, but you can enjoy the same benefit of detoxification if you sit in a steam room. Saunas are a great place to cleanse the body by sweating out toxins.

Helping Speed Up Muscle Recovery Periods

If you’re very active or you suffer from aches and pains in your body, use water to your benefit. By soaking your muscles in a hot water you will increase the blood flow to your damaged muscles which helps to improve the recovery process after sports activities or weight training. It’s not a miracle treatment, but it can speed up rehabilitation as well as alleviate your pain.

Improving Your Mental Health Can Translate into Physical Benefits

Stress can increase the levels of cortisol in your body. In turn, this can prevent the storage of glucose in your body which is essential to your health. Cortisol also narrows arteries which forces the heart to work harder. In translation, stress can actually make you physically sick. Seeking hydrotherapy in water circuits can help to relieve stress and reduce your blood pressure. Not only will you feel less anxiety, you’ll be improving your physical health as well.

Who knew that something that you enjoy doing could actually help to improve your health? Warm water is extremely calming and cool water is undeniably invigorating. If you want to switch between the two or you’d prefer to stick to the sauna or hot tub treatments, you can experience the benefits of hydrotherapy for yourself either at your home or at a spa. Your mind and body will thank you in the end.

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