Beauty Tips for Younger Eyes

They say eyes are the window to the soul. And there’s plenty of beauty in being an old soul. But most of us would prefer for our age not to show in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Skin care and anti-aging remedies that actually work are about so much more than injectables or surgery. Love your skin inside and out with these 4 expert tips for younger looking eyes, naturally.

  1. Take a closer look at your lifestyle.

If your idea of winding down on the weekend involves spending hours in the sun with a cigarette and chardonnay in hand, your skin is not going to thank you for it. Sun exposure is well known for causing skin aging. Skin damage caused by prolonged sun exposure can not only increase lines and wrinkles on the face, it can also lead to skin cancer. It’s important to protect your skin from the sun by using a non-comedogenic sunscreen that’s rated at least SPF 30+.

Cigarette smoking has multiple profound effects on health, and a body that isn’t healthy can never be as beautiful as it could be. Giving up smoking is an important way to protect your health and to give your body more vitality and radiance.

Alcohol dehydrates the skin leaving it saggy, loose and wrinkly. Cutting down your alcohol intake is a great way to boost your skin’s youthfulness in a short period of time. If you do drink, aim to only have 1 or 2 drinks a day for beautifully hydrated, younger looking skin.

  1. Nourish from the inside out
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As well as avoiding those aspects of your lifestyle that are bringing your skin down, you want to capitalise on the aspects of your lifestyle that build your skin up. Eating a healthy, varied diet helps to optimise your health on the inside, so that your skin shines on the outside. Avoid foods high in oil, fat, sugar and refined carbohydrates such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, fried foods and white bread, which contribute to disease and worsen skin conditions.

Choose a diet that’s high in fresh fruits and vegetables, which provide plenty of skin saving antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals for good health. Fresh fruits and vegetables also provide plenty of Vitamin C, a vitamin and anti-oxidant that’s a precursor of collagen, which helps your skin to stay looking young and fresh. A diet high in whole grains is also rich in many micronutrients, and will provide adequate fibre to help your body function smoothly. Try to include sources of healthy fats such as avocadoes, olive oil and salmon as these healthy fats help to add condition and elasticity to the skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

  1. Use products that work with your skin

A good skin care routine to clear away dead skin cells, rejuvenates new skin layers, and balances oily and dry spots for beautiful clear skin. It’s important to have a consult with a cosmetologist to analyse your skin type and find the right skin products for you, as rich products on oily skins can cause breakouts and light products on dry skin will cause tightness and wrinkles.

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Your best skincare should involve washing, toning and moisturising the skin morning and evening, with the addition of a targeted serum or eye wrinkle cream if necessary. You can inspect your skin condition for yourself an hour or so after you wash, tone and moisturise, by checking each area of your face for any excess oiliness, redness or dryness. Checking for these symptoms is a way for you to ensure your skin care system is right for you, and will help you achieve the smoother, younger looking skin you desire.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

There is definitely something in getting your beauty sleep and a good night’s sleep can work wonders for your skin and your health. Not only does a good rest reduce eye bags and circles which are other unsightly signs of aging, but adequate sleep also helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol can produce direct damage to skin cells, causing skin to lose its elasticity and youthfulness.

A good night’s sleep is a crucial factor for inner and outer beauty, improving stress level and mood as well as boosting skin condition and radiance for natural beauty that shines from within.