4 Serious Mental Disorders and Their Health RamificationsThanks to recent public awareness campaigns, the public is becoming more aware of the myriad of mental health disorders. More people realize that these disorders are genuine medical conditions that warrant the same respect and level of treatment as other serious illnesses.

As people become more educated about these conditions, they also increasingly are learning about their related health side effects. The health ramifications of these and other mental disorders can have far-reaching consequences on the lives of both the patient and the patients’ loved ones.


Schizophrenia is arguably one of the most well-known and most widely feared mental health disorders. People mistakenly believe that schizophrenics are violent, unpredictable, and delusional.

It is true that schizophrenics do suffer from delusions and sometimes see and hear things that do not truly exist. However, as Mental Health America points out, people with this condition pose little danger to others. They are not violent, and they do not typically seek to purposely hurt others.

Nonetheless, this condition does pose a risk to sufferers’ health. Schizophrenics are often incapable of remembering important tasks like eating or taking their medications on time.


Depression is another illness that can have devastating side effects to one’s health. People with depression often exhibit poor judgment, putting them at risk of committing acts that they would perhaps have never entertained.

They may commit crimes such as sexual offenses or other acts that could land them in jail. If your loved one with depression has been breaking the law and charged with a crime, about legal representation. Depression also causes people to stop caring for themselves properly, such as eating on schedule, bathing, taking medications, and even taking care of their own families.

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People who suffer from anxiety also tend to suffer from health conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. Their persistent fear causes their blood pressure to rise and their hearts to pump too quickly.

Anxiety is highly treatable, however. Once their anxiety is under control, sufferers’ health ramifications often diminish as well.

Excessive Anger

Many people do not regard anger as a mental health disorder. However, excessive anger does fit it this category and does warrant proper medical treatment.

People who are prone to excessive anger experience ramifications like high blood pressure and heart disease. They also tend to suffer from migraines more often because of their elevated blood pressure.

Serious mental disorders cause people to suffer from ramifications to their physical wellness. These disorders warrant proper medical help to relieve both their mental and physical side effects.