It isn’t uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you are exposed to alcohol. Whether you are at a family gathering, watching a football game or at a college campus, there are likely to be people drinking. While you may find yourself tempted to join in on the fun, there are ways in which you can avoid drinking alcohol and reap the benefits of your decision.

Give Yourself a Reason to Stop Drinking

It may be easier to stop drinking if you have a concrete reason to do so. For instance, you may tell yourself that you don’t like waking up with a hangover or don’t like how you behave while under the influence of alcohol. You may also be concerned with the possibility of driving after having consumed alcohol and the danger that it can put yourself and others in. If you have had friends or family members impacted by drunk drivers, this could be a strong reason to avoid drinking alcohol.

Avoid Social Situations Involving Alcohol

Instead of going to the bar on a Thursday night, you may find it easier to stay in and play video games online or with friends who don’t drink. Taking your dog for a walk on a Saturday evening or taking an art class may put in you situations where you don’t see or hear people drinking.

If your friends pressure you to drink, it may be time to find new friends. While not everyone will agree with your choice to abstain from alcohol, they should at least respect the fact that it is your decision to make. It is important to remember that some people will never move on past their college years. Therefore, you can think of giving up alcohol as a sign that you are evolving in life. This transition may require you to leave old friends and acquaintances behind in favor of meeting new people who share your perspective on life.

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Make Yourself the Designated Driver

It only takes one DWI charge to put a stain on your personal and professional lives. If you hurt or kill someone while driving drunk, you could face jail or prison time in addition to fines, legal fees, and the prospect of losing your license. Having to go through the work of finding a DWI lawyer in Williamson, County, TX, or in other areas, can also be a good deterrent. One easy way to make sure that you don’t drink and drive is to be the designated driver. Some bars and restaurants offer drink and food specials to those who drive their drunk friends around, which means you are doing a public service while saving money on food at the same time.

Think about Your Family and Friends

If you have kids, you need to make sure that you are there for them at all times. The same is true if you have elderly parents or grandparents who may need your help at a moment’s notice. It will definitely be harder to be present as a parent or caregiver if you are drunk all of the time. It will also be harder to be a good employee or to effectively run your own business without the ability to think clearly. Without a source of income, you may not be able to provide the basics for yourself or your family. That should be motivation enough to avoid drinking on a regular basis like you may do today.

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation. However, if you cannot control yourself around alcohol, it may be best to avoid it completely. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek professional help to overcome a drinking problem. Regardless of how you choose to stop drinking, doing so can be one of the best things you do for yourself and for others close to you.

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