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How you live has a major impact on your skin, even if you are following the best skincare regime to the letter. Keeping your skin healthy and wrinkle free is a tough job, mainly because it is easy to make a lot of mistakes without even knowing it. Here are some unexpected things which promote the apparition of wrinkles. The sooner you know about them, the sooner you can avoid them.

City life

The busy city life can quickly damage your skin and promote wrinkles. Most people who need to undergo skin rejuvenation techniques are city dwellers. This is because the pollution level in the city is higher than the one outside the city. Free radicals attack your skin all the time, leading to sagging and premature aging. To avoid this effect wash your face twice a day with an exfoliating cleaner packed with anti-aging ingredients. Then apply a moisturizer rich in antioxidants to help the skin rejuvenate. Increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich foods also helps your skin renew from the inside.

Indoor UVA rays

You know that you have to put on a good sunscreen when you are out, but when you are sitting inside a building or car you probably think you are safe. Well, you are not safe, you are wrong. UVA rays can penetrate windows and give your skin the same hard time as if you would have been outside. When you will be spending a sunny day in an office building or in the car make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

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Skipping exercise

Skipping exercise can lead to wrinkles. During physical activity your body is stimulated to produce more collagen, which promotes a toned and wrinkle-free skin. If you choose to exercise outside make sure to apply sunscreen. Also, never exercise with makeup on, as this can lead to outbreaks, as the pores are covered and can’t breathe properly when you are exercising.

Overusing your smartphone

The face down position we use when we browse the smartphone promotes skin sagging, especially along the jawline. The skin on the neck, which is very thin and sensitive, is also damaged by this habit. To avoid these side-effects limit the time you spend looking down at the phone and apply a cream rich in amino acids, which can increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent sagging.

Not using shades

Many people think sunglasses are not very important, but if you want to stay away from wrinkles, you should be using shades. When you are not, you instinctively squint, promoting wrinkles around the eyes and between your eyebrows. Because the area around the eyes is very thin, by up to 40% thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, a season of squinting can easily lead to the apparition of wrinkles. To avoid this problem wear sunglasses and look for models with large lens, which provide UVA and UVB protection.

All these are small, everyday things we all do, but their effects are long term and can easily damage your skin, leading to premature aging.

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