5 Ways Senior Can keep Their Joints Healthy
5 Ways Senior Can keep Their Joints Healthy

The joints connect your bones and allow you to move parts of your bodies, like shoulders, knees, elbows or hips. Joints are supported by tendons and ligaments and protected by synovial fluid and cartilage, as they prevent your bones from rubbing against each other. However, due to injury, old age or other factors, the joints are known to deteriorate in seniors, causing incredible pain, immobility, and conditions like arthritis.

With the increase of cooler temperatures, many seniors are experiencing increased joint pains, as the cold weather is known to agitate arthritis and cause pain. Ironically, one of the best ways to prevent this pain is to increase physical activity, but seniors usually decide to stay at home when the temperature drops lower. Additionally, ice can be very dangerous for seniors with limited mobility, which is why they should be accompanied by a professional caregiver, friend or family member.

The good news is that your condition does not necessarily have to haunt you forever. There are some lifestyle changes that are proven to improve joint health. Here are 5 changes you could start implementing to improve your joint health.

Watch Your Weight

It’s a well-documented fact that weight creates additional pressure on the joints. Overweight seniors are at greater risk of knee replacement surgery. Losing even ten pounds can help with the joint pain that has been haunting you. However, good nutrition is also important to make sure to only follow a diet recommended by a physician. This generally involves adding more omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in nuts and seafood like tuna or salmon. It also involves adding more Vitamin D, which helps strengthen your bones and has a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

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Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Sitting in the same spot for a large amount of time, whether it’s watching TV or reading a book, can be very bad for your joints and overall health. That’s why you should make sure you get up and stretch or take a short walk around the room once every hour.

Exercise Daily

Create an exercise routine you feel comfortable with and practice it every day. The exercises do not have to be too demanding. Long walks can also count as exercise if you’re struggling with decreased mobility. It might be difficult to start, but once you do you are going to enjoy every second of it, and it won’t seem like a chore anymore.

If you find an exercise partner, the experience is going to be even more enjoyable. Since seniors are experiencing various other conditions that could interfere with their exercise, sometimes professional care is necessary to keep them safe during their exercise routine. You can learn more about common threats to senior safety at this link: https://abetterwayinhomecare.com/senior-home-care-beverly-hills.html

Eliminate Bad Habits

If you’re still a smoker, painful joints are a clear red flag warning you that you should drop this bad habit. Smoking does a lot of harm to our body, including our bones. Smokers are known to have a low bone density, leading to an increased risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures.

Get Supportive Footwear

If you plan on walking and exercising every day, supportive footwear can make all the difference for your joint health. Your houses should have a strong arch and low heel in order to be more supportive and stable. This way your knees and hips won’t be under any extra pressure.

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