In considering our daily diet plan, it helps to know the Ayurveda principle of 6 tastes. Indian Medicine holds that a healthy diet should balance out all of the flavors found in food. American style eating generally only has salty, sweet, and fatty flavors. This robs us of a healthy palate, and turns us into sickly creatures as we age. We have collected below some of the best food sources of the 6 tastes in Indian Medicine. If you eat them daily, you should be an extremely healthy and long lived person.



This fulfills the sweet requirement of a healthy diet. Unlike many sweet foods, dates are a great food to consume regularly. They have a lot of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and a good amount of wonderful sugar that brightens up our day. Dates can help you remove the risk of developing chronic diseases later in life.


This food fulfills the sour requirement of a healthy diet in Indian Medicine. Lemons are a good addition to drinking water. They are also wonderful with a salad. Having lots of lemon can give you Vitamin C. Lemons have also been shown to help with your mood. They are a good cleanser to add to your diet.

Black Olives

Black olives fulfill the salty requirement of Indian Medicine. Black olives can help protect you from heart disease. If you like having great skin and hair, olives are a great source of the fatty acids that help your body stay looking great.


Garlic meets the pungent requirement of Indian Medicine. Garlic is a great way to fight intestinal diseases, because of its high sulfur content. In pasta, garlic is a great treat. Having garlic in your salad can make sure that you stay healthy.


Dandelion is an example of the bitter taste for Indian Medicine. Although commonly thought of as a garden weed, dandelion is a good food to add to your daily salad. Dandelion can help our kidneys remove waste. Studies indicate that it may slow the growth of cancer cells in the body as well. Dandelion can also lower high blood pressure.

Green Grapes

As an astringent taste, Green grapes are a good food to consume regularly. Consuming green grapes has been linked to better eye health and cardiovascular health. Eating green grapes can also slow the growth of cancer tumors in the colon.

Overall, there are tons of different foods out there to help you stay happy and healthy. Luckily, you are not in this journey to health alone. Places such as Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care are there to assist people in their journey to a better lifestyle. A proper diet is a necessary part of that process. We hope that you and your family find these suggestions a useful guide for improvement.