As summer draws nearer, you may be thinking about how you’ll spend those hot months. If your idea is to spend more time outdoors, try to make the most of that time by including plenty of physical activities. These four suggestions can get you started and help you come up with more ways to enjoy the summer sun.


Hit the Beach


If you live near a lake or ocean, taking the family to the beach can be a great way of getting active. From swimming to volleyball, there are sure to be plenty of activity for everyone. Best of all, you can go to the beach every day if you live close by and you can find something new to do each one of those days. If nothing interests you, walk the shore in search of seashells. This will get you on your feet and you might find a new activity to try. If you don’t live close to a beach, plan a vacation with some friends or family and use it as time to relax and get rid of stress, but remain active.


Invest in an RV


It’s easy to stay active when you spend money to do it. For instance, if you buy a new hard floor camper, you’ll be more inclined to schedule camping trips throughout the summer months. Since you paid the money for the RV, it only makes sense that you’ll want to get as much use out of it as possible. More camping trips, means more time outside and opportunities to be active. You can even schedule a trip to a National Park that has plenty of hiking trails for you to explore. Start booking your weekends with trips to new campsites and get outside more than you normally might.

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Hit the Road


Even if you don’t buy an RV, you can still gather the family together for weekend road trips. Drive out to neighboring towns and explore communities you haven’t really visited in the past. You never know what a self-guided walking tour of a nearby city will uncover. It’s a good way to get outdoors and the walking will get your heart pumping. You can find new outdoor areas you might not have known about before and find community events you didn’t hear about.


Take up a New Sport


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in community sports, either by yourself or along with your family. Summer is the perfect time to join a basketball league, join a swimming team, or take up martial arts. Keep an eye out for announcements on community bulletin boards to find out when new teams are starting. A good place to check is your neighborhood fitness center and you can sign up for a membership while you’re there. Find a friend who wants to try new things and sign up for a new sport together to create some new memories.


Visit Summer Festivals


One activity you can plan for this summer is visiting festivals in your city. This is something you may not have thought of as a physical activity, but all that walking can definitely add up. Some festivals or carnivals might have booths that encourage you to be active as well. You can even gather more inspiration and ideas for how to be more active during those warmer months. You can also get involved with meetup groups for outdoor activities through those events.

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Do Yoga Outside


Yoga can become a great way to get fit and relax your mind. This is something that doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can do yoga at home and go at your own pace. Practicing yoga outside might sound more appealing during the summer months as well. It will allow you to take advantage of the nice, sunny weather while taking charge of your health. Doing yoga outside can turn your normal practice into a hot yoga flow and can result in several benefits, including overall improved body function.


Summer is the best time of year to make good on your New Year resolution to get fit. Whether you’re hitting the beach or riding your bicycle, combining fun and exercise will help you drop weight and build muscle. It will also help you stay healthy for a longer period of time, so don’t be afraid to get out there and work up a sweat.