www.Freedieting.orgFrom Michelle Obama’s war on obesity to the “healthy alternative” snacks offered by some unhealthiest of fast food chains, everybody is talking about healthy living. Every week there’s a new finding, health care tips or trick on how we can improve ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle and ward of disease, and by now we all know the two factors to good health are diet and exercise: mind the fried food, over indulge in your vegetables, and exercise at least 3 times a week…ideally 30 minutes a day if you can.

With 24 hours in a day, contributing a mere 30 minutes to exercise seems like a manageable task… at first glance. But between balancing out a heavy work schedule and maintaining a social life, finding the time to work out can be hard. (Enter guilt trip). The good news is, when it comes to maintaining your physical health, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. There are simple things you can do every day that won’t put a dent in your schedule and keep your physical health in check.

1. Avoid Convenience

If you drive to work, don’t look for the closest parking spot to the office door. Instead, do yourself and aim for the less conveniently located spot further away. The extra 10 minutes to and from the office each day gets you 20 minutes of your suggested physical activity. On that token, avoid elevators and escalators and opt for the stairs.

2. Track Yourself

A fun way to make sure you’re getting enough physical movement in your day is by wearing a pedometer. I started this habit and you’d be surprised how much it encourages getting up and moving, even if it’s just to do the next coffee run, or parcel delivery. Studies show that we should strive to get between 7000-10,000 steps in a day. Tracking your progress is a great way to ensure you’re getting your daily activity and a great way to get you moving more. There are even apps available for your smart phones which can help you track your every step.

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3. Choose the right sport

After a long day at work, the last thing some of us want to do is pick up our running shoes and be a slave to the treadmill. One of the biggest reasons many opt to skip the gym is because they don’t actually like using the cardio machines. Here’s the simple trick to get you wanting to go to the gym: choose an activity you actually enjoy doing! Love to dance? Try a Zumba class. Enjoy biking? Take a spinning class. If you choose an activity you like doing, odds are you’re more inclined to actually do it.

4. Schedule

Rather than deciding on the day of, schedule your work outs for the week ahead of time. Pencil it in, get a friend on board, and mentally register it as part your calendar. Committing to something a few days in advance allows you to register, digest, and prepare for any obstacles that should get in your way.

Freedieting.orgSimple strategies like these are a sure way to help keep your physical health in check, and live a more balanced life style. You can also check out some weight-loss supplements which work efficiently off course, find out garcinia cambogia reviews, which is a natural supplement but remember to start slow, and set small goals that you can realistically meet. The first few weeks may be challenging as you adapt to new customs, but the good news is habits form quickly, and your new healthy lifestyle will become a part of your weekly routine before you know it. More than anything, you’ll come to love the extra kick of mood enhancing endorphins that come with a psychically active life style. They don’t call it a runner’s high for nothing!

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