Testosterone is an important hormone that serves numerous functions in the human body. According to Medicine Net website, the normal levels of testosterone in men is approximately 270-1070 ng/dL. The testosterone levels in males usually peaks at around 20 years then it slowly declines during subsequent years. Low testosterone levels is a major problem that can lead to various signs and symptoms. Here are 7 common signs of testosterone deficiency in men:

  1. Fatigue

While it is normal to feel tired once in a while, chronic fatigue is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. This is especially true if you have been receiving enough sleep and rest yet you still feel tired and sluggish all the time. Fatigue is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men. However, since fatigue could also be an indicator of other health conditions, it is important for you to observe for other symptoms as well.

  1. Low libido

Testosterone plays a key role in maintaining normal sexual functions in males. This means that many men who suffer from testosterone deficiency can also experience sexual problems including low libido, difficulty with erections and even erectile dysfunction. So, if you have been encountering problems with your love life, this might be an direct sign of low testosterone levels. Purchasing testosterone booster products can help to restore sexual function.

  1. Increased body fat

Have you noticed the fact that many men tend to be lean in their 20s and early 30s? Well, high testosterone levels may have something to do with this common phenomenon. Testosterone plays a key role in body metabolism by promoting breakdown of fat. Thus, low testosterone levels can bring about increased body fat.

  1. Decreased bone mass
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In order to maintain a healthy body frame, everyone requires firm and strong bones. Unfortunately, testosterone deficiency makes many men prone to bone conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. This decrease in bone mass could also lead to low calcium levels.

  1. Change in mood

Testosterone is well known for its amazing effect on the brain. If you are experiencing depression and low self-esteem, don’t be surprised if you discover that your condition might be caused by low testosterone levels. Just like women experience mood swings owing to hormonal changes, low testosterone levels in men will definitely have a direct effect on mood and behavior.

  1. Hair loss

Balding is a common problem that affects millions of men worldwide. In most cases, male pattern baldness appears in a characteristic shape around the crown of the head and near the forehead. Hair loss can be caused by various factors including genetics, certain medications and even low testosterone levels.

  1. Low muscle mass

Do you feel like your muscles aren’t as big as they used to be? Or perhaps you aren’t meeting your fitness targets? Well, studies have shown that low testosterone levels in men could bring about decrease in muscle mass and thereby reducing strength and endurance. Luckily, you can take testosterone boosters to help eliminate this problem.