With constant drug addiction and overdose problems, the need arose for drug rehab centers irrespective of the geographic locations.

A specialist in the same field, Dr. Tarugu did talk about the best rehab centers in2018 based on various factors.

What are those various factors that determine a rehabilitation facility to be the best?

Dr. Tarugu provided various pointers to us.

You will be pleased to know about those factors, treatment centers recommended by Dr. Tarugu and make the best choice if theneed arises.

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Determining Factors

These factors, or say questions, that should be clarified with the center to know the facilities offered are pointed below.

The esteemed doctor, Dr.Tarugu, also talked about counseling in case of drug problems since some people avoid this due to being a part of the statistics.


  • Evidence-based protocols are supported by the drug rehab facility or not
  • Insurance coverage accepted by rehab centers
  • History of cured patients and interactions with the patients.
  • Staff background checks and security
  • A tour of the campus will certainly help you understand better
  • Post recovery assistance to ensure that relapse doesn’t occur

Bearing these points in mind, Dr.Tarugu explained to us about the facilities that are considered to be the best in 2018; and out of all, the following treatment centers were recommended by Dr.Tarugu himself.

  1. The Caron Foundation – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

With excellent support, counseling and detoxification services, all the facilities under Caron foundation include both pre and post recovery assistance.

Another exciting information here would be that the 50-year-old foundation has a 12-step program to fight drug abuse and recover from addiction.

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Various pools and surveys do show this drug rehab center to be the top recovery center in the country.

  1. Mountainside Drug-Rehab Recovery Center

Situated in San Jacinto Valley in Southern California, this facility is known for its amenities, unique approach towards treatment and various support groups.

With a beautiful scene to enjoy the nature and having personal treatment with proven recovery being received at the same time to the patients, it has proven to be a great stress buster and tend to lessen the craving for drugs.

Another unique option offered here is the sober home on the mountainside with complimentary transportation to the clinic and back.

  1. The Rock-Solid Recovery Treatment Center

Another recovery center located in California, Rock-Solid is amen-only recovery center with another ‘Sue Haven’, only for women in the same facility.

They too implement the 12- step recovery program with limited patient capacity for personalized treatment to the patients.

They believe in one on one care and support to open various paths for recovery.

  1. Benchmark Recovery Center

Going a little bit down south, Austin Texas has Benchmark recovery center, an amazing facility to recover from drug addiction.

The 12-step program works here as well with constant treatment and guidance to lessen and void the need for chemical dependency over time.

With a capacity of 38 men and 20 women in separate dorms, they are known for the limited capacity and maximum care for their patients.

  1. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

A relatively new foundation that established in 2015, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has some excellent recovery programs and post recovery assistance to avoid relapse.


They are well known for their sober living environment and daily treatment with constant monitoring to reduce the tendency of chemical use/abuse.

This foundation controls a total of 16 treatment centers all over the country, which is one the main reasons to mention this facility as one of the top 10.

  1. The Behavioural Health of The Palm Beaches

With more than 2 decades of history and a 12-room center for treatment; and with a total of 6 rehabilitation center facilities added over the years, Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches is the next one on the list.

Each of the 6 facilities is built based on treatment options for different types of drug abuse.

  1. The Phoenix House – A Residential Substance Abuse/Drug Rehab Center

A New Yorkbased recovering center, The Phoenix House, was established by drug addicts in 1967.

With more than 120 treatment programs in 11 facilities that are unique, Phoenix House focuses on holistic treatment based on proven recovery treatment methods.

  1. The Ocean Breeze Recovery

Substance abuse recovery options are anintensive and residential-based facility, Ocean Breeze Recovery center gives both physical and mental health care 24/7.

With apartment-style housing forasafe environment along with comfort,it allows time to understand and address the needs of the addict.

Latest reports do show a lot of rehab centers trying to make it to the top 10 by implementing various techniques and treatments.

However, these facilities just stand out, says Dr. VikramTarugu.

Depending on the type of substance abuse, you could choose the most suitable one for you and the one located near you as well.