water flosser

From years past, we all from experience that many patients have complained about the fact that the experience pains and toothaches immediately after their dental flossing some a little bit more later than others. We all know that flossing is very great for the human dentition. Flossing is the art of removing plaques and food particles in places where your toothbrush cannot reach. Place like under the gum line and between your teeth. Dentists always recommend dental flossing because without it, plaque can build up, causing tooth decays and gum diseases. Why then do many individuals complain about pains and aches after flossing? There are many factors associated with flossing and dental pains some of which are:

  • Incorrect flossing techniques- flossing if not correctly done, can cause irritation of the gum and pains especially when you brush or chew something.
  • Gum disease- this is caused by a plaque buildup below your gum line and when this is a factor, flossing can be very painful. People with diabetes have a high tendency of gum disease due to poor blood glucose control.

With all that has been mentioned, what then can be the solution? Do we need to attend professional classes before we floss or do we need to see the dentist every time we want to floss? I would say no. You see at this very point we are today if there is one thing we have learnt is that for every problem there is always a solution as far as science is concerned. When it pertains to flossing, we present to you the “water flosser” or oral irrigator as others call it.

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The water flosser is a device that aims water at your teeth.it has the ability to remove food particles you would be surprised was even in your teeth thereby reducing the risk of gum diseases and bleeding. It is also a good pick for patients with orthodontics, bridges and dental implants.

Using the water flosser has many benefits and these are some of them:

  • It reduces the risk of inflammation and helps individuals with diabetes.
  • String flosses irrespective of how good they are only get to a certain part of the teeth but the water flosser enters deeps into the pockets of the teeth preventing tooth decay.
  • It also removes plaques easily without the risk of bleeding gums.
  • For patients with implants, flossing can be a very big problem but with the use of a water flosser, flossing can and is very safe and gentle for the user.

Statistics have shown that water flossing is twice as effective as the normal flossing method and far more effective other types of flossing. This advanced technology for flossing has provided many with solutions solving dental issues, leaving no problematic reviews as to the effectiveness of it’s operation. Water flossing is the right type of flossing for every individual without the corresponding problems attached to other methods of dental flossing.