Changing a baby’s diaper is never a favorite part of being a parent, but it’s an important one as it helps keep your little one healthy and happy. Just because diaper changes are a required part of caring for a baby doesn’t mean everyone automatically knows how to do it. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, which is why we’ve put this helpful guide together. If you’ve never changed a diaper before, or your diaper changing skills could use a little work, here is a step-by-step guide to changing a diaper the easy way. 

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

If you’ve determined your baby needs a diaper change, gather the supplies you’ll need and place them within easy reach before you begin. Some of the things you’ll want on-hand include a clean diaper, baby wipes, Sudocrem, and a change of clothes. Place everything nearby as once your baby is on the changing table, you won’t be able to leave them to get something you forgot. 

Step 2: Place Baby on a Safe Surface

You should always change your baby on a soft, safe surface. A changing table (or something equivalent), a bed or sofa, or even the floor (with a towel or waterproof pad underneath) work best. Always remember to keep one hand on the baby. Even if your little one hasn’t started rolling over yet, they could fall if left unattended. 

Step 3: Open the Diaper and Clean Baby

Once your baby is on a secure surface, open the diaper, and evaluate the situation. If the diaper is only wet, fold it underneath baby’s bottom so that the clean, outer side is touching the skin. Proceed to wipe the little one thoroughly with a clean wipe. 

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If your baby’s diaper is a messy one, use the diaper itself to remove as much of the mess as possible from baby’s bottom. Fold the diaper under your baby as described above and proceed to wipe them clean with as many wipes as necessary to get the job done. Be sure to wipe in all the creases. 

Once your baby’s bottom is clean, remove the soiled diaper and place a clean one underneath. If you’re using disposable diapers, the tabs go on the bottom and wrap around to the top. 

Step 4: Dress Baby

After successfully changing your baby’s diaper, redress them and inspect the blankets and/or linens to see if they need changing as well. If so, remove any soiled items and replace them with clean ones. 

Step 5: Diaper Disposal

Wrap the soiled diaper up in a ball using the tabs to fasten it closed. If you’re at home, place the dirty diaper in a diaper pail or the trash. If you’re out, place the diaper in a plastic bag for disposal when you return home. If you do dispose of a poopy diaper in public, be respectful of others and place the diaper in a plastic bag before disposing of it in the trash. 

Step 6: Wash Your Hands

Just as you wash your hands after using the bathroom, you should wash your hands thoroughly after changing your baby’s diaper. If water and soap aren’t available where you are, use hand sanitizer instead. It’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer in your baby’s diaper bag for just such occasions. 

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Babies don’t come with a built-in parenting guide, and not every new parent automatically knows how to change their baby’s diaper. However, if you follow the steps above, you’ll be a diaper changing pro in no time.