Though this “gift” doesn’tcome in a pretty box with satin ribbons on it; it is possibly worth more than all the gifts which you give or receive on Christmas!

Christmas is approaching. It is the perfect time to bestow your love and affection on your dear ones through beautiful gifts.

Often when we talk about Christmas gifts, we think of toys, apparels, jewellery, chocolates, flowers, etc. But this time, think about something else and give health insurance as a Christmas gift that ensures financial security. If the thought of giving health insurance as a Christmas gift makes you conscious, the following reasons will steer clear of all your doubts:

  1. Your family’s health is taken care of

Your loved ones may be healthy and hale today, but can you give the guarantee of tomorrow? Even if you are the family who treads on a healthy path and is known for its fitness, you can’t keep your life stress-free due to tremendous changes in the lifestyle and eating habits.

Add to it, mobile phone addition, job stress, late night parties and long working hours and we have a long series of medical ailments to deal with. A good health insurance policy ensures your family members get good treatment at best hospitals.

  1. Escalating medical costs are covered

Events such as seasonal ailments, accidents can strike anytime, irrespective of age and health state, and the expenses will continue until the time you are completely cured. In the current scenario, when medical inflation has reached to an alarming state, a health insurance policy is essential to manage unforeseen medical expenses and curtail their impact on your finances—a great reason to give it to your family on Christmas. Here are some of the benefits which are covered under the policy=

  • Pre and post hospitalisation coverage
  • Cashless hospitalisation
  • Free health check-up
  • Lifelong renewability
  • In-patient Ayush treatment
  • Emergency ambulance cover
  1. Give a sense of security

Being safe and secure in the world, where misfortunes; lurk in every corner is like an impossible dream. Can you ensure that unforeseen events do not financially disturbyour family? Yes, it is a privilege which you can get if you have the best health insurance policy. Giving someone the security that health insurance policy offers is the way of saying that you truly care and value that person and their safety. That is what Christmas is all about— being able to confess your love towards the other person.

  1. Encourage healthy habits

Not only health insurance policies secure your family against medical expenses, but they also promote, incentivise and reward your family members for staying fit through its various wellness programs.

These plans reward you for your healthy behaviour by offering reward points which can be redeemed to reimburse such expenses, which are usually not covered under the normal health insurance plan, like consultation charges, medicine & drugs, diagnostic expenses, dental expenses, wellness & preventive care & other miscellaneous charges. A health insurance policy is the perfect gift to inculcate healthy habits in your dear ones.

  1. One gift for the entire family

Can you name those gifts which can be enjoyed by the entire family? Some might say, “plan a family trip”, or “go out for a family dinner”, etc. But it is not easy! The mommy or daddy would have to make all travel and dinner arrangements, and considering the fact that it’s a Christmas time, the dinner or vacation planning would not be an easy thing.

With a health insurance policy, you can ensure that everyone in your family, including brothers and sisters, is covered. One gift is for everyone! We don’t see any reason for not including it in your Christmas gift list.

  1. Avoid the crowd

Giving health insurance as a gift to your family is much more comfortable than doing holiday shopping. No lines, no crazy waiting and no tension. You can buy family health insurance in India online in a few clicks of the mouse. It is the best gift to beat the festive crowd and give something meaningful to your family!

Health insurance may not be as glamorous as latest gadget, trendy handbag or clothes, but in more ways than one, it is the best gift which you can give to your family. Through family floater health insurance plan, you can secure the health of your loved ones, which would ensure few worries and less stress. Wouldn’t you want that for Christmas?

So, before you think of purchasing a shirt, golf accessories, or any other gift, think about buying a comprehensive health insurance for your family — a gift that will indeed keep on giving numerous benefits to your loved ones.