Hair transplant is an effective method of hair restoration for alopecia (baldness) treatment. Every year more than 600,000 people over the globe fight against hair loss with hair plantation. The procedure is possible to perform for both men and women.

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Over 90% of hair implants are successful and do not provoke any complications. With the help of this operation, people can renew head hair-covering, mustache, beard, and eyebrows.

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is considered the best method for hair transplantation due to high success and low traumatic rates. It is a combination of microsurgical manipulations when doctors obtain grafts and implant them without incisions and sutures.

5 benefits of FUE against other hair plantation methods 

  1. low invasiveness and no scars after the surgery
  2. no incisions, only self-healing pinholes
  3. selection of strong and healthy follicles to increase the implant success
  4. preservation of the natural hair growth and its characteristics
  5. short recovery period.

Important to know! The reoperation is impossible and a significant number of follicles is lost in the process of removal from the donor area.

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Doctors can take the follicles not only from the back side of the head but also from the hairy part of the chest, arms, and back. Such an approach makes possible to transplant a greater number of grafts to achieve the greatest hair density.

During the procedure, a patient is under general anesthesia and does not experience discomfort or severe pain. However, in most cases it is necessary to take the painkillers for the first 2-3 days after the operation. The rehab period lasts 2-4 weeks.

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Where can you undergo FUE hair plantation?

FUE method is available in almost all countries across the world. Asian, Near and Middle Eastern, European countries as well as the US and UK provide hair plantation with this method. Especially follicular unit extraction is popular in Europe.

However, most people suffering from hair loss choose medical facilities in Turkey. Over 80,000 international patients travel to Turkey for the hair transplant annually.

High-quality hair transplantation at an affordable price is the primary reason which attracts medical travelers to visit Turkey.

Whatever the country, it is better to undergo hair transplant in a specialized clinic. This procedure is very specific and requires special equipment (including the finest needles less than 1mm in diameter) as well as high skills of a surgeon. Take into account these facts before matching a clinic.

How much does it cost to have a hair transplant with FUE method in Turkey?

The hair transplant price in Turkey varies in different clinics because of the individual price policy in each medical facility, equipment level, and surgeons recognition.

According to the Bookimed (searching platform for the best treatment options worldwide) statistics, the lowest hair transplant cost with FUE method in Turkey is $1,400 and the highest is $2,250. Find out more here

The price usually includes consultation with a plastic surgeon and the procedure itself. Some clinics provide patients with hair transplant packages which include the different number of services depending on the medical center policy.