Your engagement ring is more than just another piece of fine jewelry. It is an important statement about your love between you and your partner. Which is why you will want to take every precaution possible to protect your engagement ring. Right after getting your engagement ring you want to make sure that you ensure your ring as this can help cover costs if you ever need to make any repairs such as replacing any diamonds. Any sort of repairs even with insurance might be costly. While you may want to wear your engagement ring all the time, wearing your ring while working outputs it at risk for damage and getting lost. Here are some tips for protecting your ring when you work out:

1.    Get A Ring Protector – If you insist on wearing your engagement ring while working out, you should purchase something that can help protect your ring. The best is to get a ring protector made out of silicone. A silicone ring protector will secure your ring while you are working out and fits any size or style ring. The silicone material can allow the band to protect but also secures your ring to your finger while you are working out. This also helps make sure your ring will stay in place as you move during your workout.

2.    Travel Jewelry Box  – Perhaps you do not mind taking your ring off when you go to the gym but still want to wear it before and after. Consider purchasing a travel jewelry box that is secured with a zipper and lock. Usually, these jewelry boxes are lightweight and small enough to leave in a bag. You should leave this travel jewelry box in the gym’s locker room. They are a great way to protect your ring on-the-go. This is great to keep in your purse when you need somewhere to store your ring while you are out and about.

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3.    Lock It Up – Make sure if you plan on storing your engagement ring in the gym locker room that you lock it up securely. Instead of a standard combination or key lock to use at the gym, consider getting a fingerprint lock. This will help prevent someone from breaking into your locker.

4.    Use A Workout Pouch – Keeping your engagement ring in a locker might make some people feel uneasy. The next best thing for storage is to workout with a workout pouch. There are pouches you can wear around your wrist that can easily store your engagement ring and allows you to keep an eye on it without it getting in the way of your workout. You can also get a workout belt such as a running belt to store your ring and other belongings. This can be especially helpful if you plan on working out outdoors such as going for a run or hiking.

5.    Leave It at Home – At the end of the day, the best way to protect your engagement ring when working out is to just leave it at home. Leaving your ring at home may seem difficult for some to do, but it ensures your ring is in a safe place and cannot be damaged while exercising.

There are several different scenarios when it is best to take off your engagement ring, and working out is one of those occasions. Working out with your engagement ring on can put your ring at risk for damage and can often make it difficult for you to get a firm grasp on workout equipment such as weights. Taking precautions to protect your engagement ring when working out can help you from the headache of fixing your ring and saves you from injuring yourself as well.

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