Dental implants can be a very viable option in a number of dental health cases. They have essentially become the standard for replacing lost, damaged or infected teeth. If you are seeing any of these signs, it might be time to seriously consider dental implants.

You Need to Have a Tooth Pulled

If you’ve just found out you need to have a tooth pulled, this is the perfect time to consider implants. It is usually easiest and best for your health to get an implant put in around the same time that you have a tooth pulled. This helps preserve your jawbone, replace the tooth with a natural-looking alternative and eliminates the possibility of damaging surrounding teeth. Your oral surgeon can explain your options to you.

You Are Experiencing Pain

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your mouth. You might have an infected tooth, a damaged tooth, an infection in your gums or any number of other problems. Pain alone does not necessarily mean you will need a dental implant. However, pain is definitely a sign that you need to go to the dentist and get the issue looked at. They will diagnose the problem and tell you about your options.

You Are Experiencing Bone Loss

If you had a tooth pulled and did not get an implant put in right away, you may eventually begin experiencing bone loss. You may also experience bone loss due to bad cases of periodontitis. Bone loss fortunately can often be reversed with bone grafts, and dental implants can be put in to keep your jaw strong and prevent further bone loss from occurring. If the reason for the bone loss is periodontitis, you will need deep cleaning and perhaps antibiotics to clear that up before implants or bone grafts can be put in.

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You Are Having Difficulty Chewing or Speaking

If you are having issues chewing or even speaking, the problem might be with your teeth. They could be misaligned, damaged or infected. Implants can help fix this, as can a number of other dental procedures. You shouldn’t feel pain while eating, and dental implants can replace problem teeth so you can enjoy eating food again. Implants are also long-lasting and have a very high success rate.

If you have to lose a tooth for any reason, you should consider a dental implant to replace it. They are the next best thing to having a natural tooth. Dental implants are a procedure that can help restore your beautiful smile as well as your self-confidence.