Cosmetic Treatment Insurance – Everything You Need To Know?


The UK cosmetic treatment industry continues to grow. With this constant expansion comes opportunities for consumer lead innovation and new treatments being developed to achieve the anti aging aesthetics that we all desire. It has been estimated that consumers are to increase their annual spend per head over the next five years from £73 to £487. The future of this industry is looking very bright. 


With this industry-wide success comes its own set of unique challenges. Recent years have seen an explosion of new cosmetic clinics opening up which are making claims more common than ever before. It’s not just the new clinics being affected, many medical clinics and practitioners that have been in the game for years have seen a huge increase in compensation claims


In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about cosmetic insurance and how you can protect your business from these claims. 


Cosmetic Treatment Insurance Explained 


Cosmetic insurance is a form of insurance that is put in place to help protect your business from claims. When taking out a Cosmetic treatment insurance policy you will often sit down with a broker, discuss your businesses daily operations and common procedures and then create a tailored policy that is designed to keep you covered from the unexpected. The average cosmetic insurance policy will include the following: 


  • Public liability Insurance 
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Clinic Cover


Cosmetic insurance can seem overwhelming but when you look into each of these aspects individually it is more simple than it seems. Insurance brokers will evaluate all the different claims your business is currently vulnerable to and then will create a tailored policy to meet your businesses needs and keep you protected. A cosmetic insurance policy could just save your business from expensive legal claims. 

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Common Risks of Cosmetic Treatment


The cosmetic industry as we know it is full of risk. With the ever-growing popularity of procedures such as botox fillers comes a whole range of risks for businesses within the sector. The growing demand is causing businesses to operate on ever tighter timescales, now having to lean towards customer-driven decisions rather than care driven decisions. Below a couple of the most common risks involved when working within the cosmetic industry.


The most common claims that cosmetic businesses face are the ones made by their clients. If they feel like their cosmetic treatment has not been taken care of properly or there are mistakes in the work, a client is within their rights to take your business to court. In this situation, you are not only vulnerable to compensation claims but you may also have to fork out for legal defense to help fight your case. 


With every cosmetic procedure, there will come a time where you must advise your client. This could be the moment they walk through the door and have questions about the different services and what is right for them or this could be after the procedure looking for aftercare advice. If the advice provided is incorrect leading to a client having a negative experience or having any cosmetic problems, your business is open to claims made by that customer. 


Protecting Your Business From Claims


Now we have gone over the common risks involved with working within the sector, its time to take a look at home we can get some protection. By taking out cosmetic insurance you gain total protection from these common claims and many others that you may not even know you are vulnerable to. Whether it is specialist equipment that has broken down or your premises are broken into if a theft occurs, a cosmetic treatment insurance plan will have you covered. 

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Don’t leave it to chance and protect your business from the unexpected today!