Plastic surgery is becoming far more common and is becoming a part of the public conversation, yet there’s a lot that many people don’t understand about it.  Surgeries change more than just the targeted attribute.  It can shift how you perceive yourself and how you hold your body, along with multiple other parts of your life.

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Here are the top shifts you may notice from plastic surgery and why it touches more than the part of your body you wanted to be changed.

Confidence Will Affect Your Posture

Most patients who undergo elective surgeries do so because it’s correcting something they’ve felt subconscious about.  That insecurity can affect how we hold ourselves, approach other people, and allow ourselves to be seen—because of this, having this insecurity corrected can change a lot about how a person holds themself, and how they interact with other people.  This can restore the patient’s posture and ease symptoms like neck and back pain over time.

It May Affect How Other Features Appear

Although we may focus on how a certain feature looks, if you change that feature, it will change the way you view the elements around it.  For example, if you’ve always hated how your jawline looked and you have it minimized and softened, you may be surprised at how it changes the look of the shape of your mouth and nose.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll dislike these features suddenly, but it does mean your relationship with how you view your features may shift.

You May Feel More Confident in Physical Activity

If the part of your body you had surgery on impeded your movement or hurt your ego, getting it corrected may allow you to lead a fuller life.  We often don’t realize what’s affecting our behavior until it’s changed.  If you’re self-conscious about extra skin, you may not want to work out in front of people, or if you’re embarrassed about scarring, you may not want to wear more revealing clothes that are necessary to be comfortable while active.  Your physical health can be improved in this way.

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It Could Affect Your Ability to Breathe or Move

Although most rhinoplasties are done for what people would consider ‘cosmetic’ needs, when cosmetic surgeons in Scranton, PA correct a deviated septum or open up airways that you didn’t realize were blocked, in that same way, some other plastic surgeries, like a breast reduction could help a person with back pain or poor mobility. So although not every elective surgery has these fun benefits, many do.

Changes in Your Balance

Because of how long we’ve lived in our bodies and how well we know each little bend and movement we make, a small change can have interesting effects on our balance.  Surgery like a breast lift, or liposuction, can change the way we interact with the world around us.  This might take a couple of days to get used to, but your body will accept this as the norm in time, and it’ll be hard to picture life without the changes.