How to Take Care of those Expensive Medical Bills After Suffering a Major Injury


Although it is common knowledge that the human body requires repair like a machine over time because of natural wear and tear, physical defects and injury, many people are not prepared enough for the inevitability of major medical expenses. Yet, it is so easy for a person to get injured from any number of everyday events, such as falling off a ladder, crashing a vehicle or interacting with toxic materials.

Bills Stacking Up

Even if a you have excellent health or car insurance, your insurance company might not cover many necessary services, such as additional surgeries, atypical treatments like off-label prescription use and/or total in-home care and rehabilitation. Additionally, a health or car insurance company might refuse a claim if the injury was sustained because of a person’s negligence or if there is any question about responsibility as can be the case with multi-vehicle accidents.

Medical Debt Solutions

Some people receive medical bills totaling tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That said, taking care of these bills is not as difficult as people often believe. Patients and their caregivers only need to educate themselves. Take care of your medical bills by following these tips:

  • Review and question all costs. Many people are incorrectly billed for healthcare services. Reviewing the charges and then clarifying any costs with billing personnel is a critical step for making sure that you have not been overcharged. Additionally, if you see a large bill attached to services bundled under a single category title or code, ask for an itemized bill.
  • Check out financial assistance options. Many healthcare systems, doctors’ offices and labs have charity, discount and finance programs. They can usually also direct you to local and national non-profit organizations and government programs that provide financial aid for everything from long hospital stays to drug co-pays.
  • Speak with a lawyer. If your insurance company, or a company for someone who has injured you, has refused your claim, the best thing to do is to take action with the help of a professional. Experienced personal injury lawyers can fight for you while you are trying to heal or manage your new reality after a permanent injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or an amputation.
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There is no reason that you or anyone you love should experience financial or health setbacks because of medical bills. Reduce your stress by trying these options today!