When you come home after a long day full of drama at work, there is nothing better than unwinding with your favorite relaxation method. Of course, not all relaxation methods are created equal. When you come home after facing those really hard days, you need to know the most effective relaxation methods possible so you can cast aside your stress quickly. Here is a look at five healthy ways to relax after a hard day.

1. Head to the Gym

When your body is so tensed with stress that you feel like you cannot breathe, you need to go to the gym as soon as you get off of work. Researchers have done all kinds of studies that show how effective exercise is for reducing stress, but you don’t need any fancy studies to show you the truth. Simply get in a good workout after your next stressful day at work, and you will know how effective it is when your stress disappears as the endorphins flood your body.

2. Jump in the Hot Tub

There is no more luxurious way to unwind after a long day than to take a soak in your very own hot tub or spa. As you slip into the hot water of the spa in your house, you can instantly feel the cares of the day melt away. After 20 minutes in your hot tub, you will wonder why you ever thought the day was so bad in the first place. Smart people know that spas and hot tubs are wise choices when they want to eliminate stress in a hurry.

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3. Get a Massage

If you have never tried the magic of a massage, then you must find a good massage therapist as soon as possible. Stress has a way of tying your muscles up in knots, especially the muscles of your back and shoulders. The best way to give relief to your poor muscles is to get a massage. As the massage therapist kneads you like a loaf of bread, you will feel the tension melting away along with the knots in your muscles. Relieving stress is just one of many health benefits that massage therapy offers.

4. Listen to Calming Music

Music has many magical properties, and its ability to change moods is one of its most powerful. The next time you come home from a stressful day, put in some of your favorite tunes that feature slow, gentle melodies. Listening to relaxing music will calm you down in no time. Lie down on the couch or relax in your bath as you let the music transport you away to a place where the stress disappears.

5. Watch Something Funny

Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to relieving stress. If you need to forget a stressful day at work, pop in your favorite comedy to make everything right with the world. From the moment you start laughing, you will feel the stress begin to fall away. By the time the show is over, you will find that the stress of your day has disappeared. Laughter relieves stress by releasing a flood of endorphins into your body.

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There is never any reason to suffer from stress when you get home from work. If you use these five stress-relieving methods, you can eliminate the stress of even the hardest days. Not every person responds equally well to each method of stress relief. You need to experiment to find the right option to relive your stress. When you have the power to eliminate stress, life becomes much more manageable and you will feel amazing.