Easy Short Haircuts for Women

It can be thrilling yet terrifying at the same time when you opt to have one of short haircuts. Short hair has the ability of providing you with a timeless look that’s both modern and feminine, but the wrong cut often means that you have to wait months for it to grow out. If you have decided to cut your hair, then it is best to have some fun with it. You will be able to get a haircut that you love if you go to the salon knowing what your hair can and cannot do.

Know Your Limits

It is important for you to be aware of your hair type and face shape when you are considering a short haircut. Keep in mind that strong haircuts are very useful in emphasizing strong facial features. For instance, nearly every haircut is complimented by some face shapes like an oval face, which has a soft bone structure and features while other face shapes might be more restricted such as heart-and-diamond shaped faces because they have stronger jaw lines. You can also eliminate potentially scary hairstyles when you know your hair type.

A pixie cut is not exactly the best choice for you if you have curly or thick hair. It is best to opt for a hairstyle that works with the natural tendencies of your hair because this will aid in ensuring that your haircut looks completely natural and is also easy to maintain. You can also get variety with your cut as your stylist can show you some new ways for styling your hair.

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Some short haircuts you can consider are:

The Bob

Regarded as a staple in good hairstyling, bob haircuts can be seen on a number of celebrities on a regular basis. Any face shape or hair texture can work well with the bob. There are three different types of bob that people can experiment with; a flippy bob, a single-length cut and a curly bob. The most traditional is the single-length bob. For a more flirtatious and funky look, you can go for a flippy bob as it has slight layering. A softer look is provided by a curly bob, which has more dramatic layers and allows volume dimension for naturally curly hair.

The Shag

It was in the 1970s that the shag haircut made its mark and has remained a popular option ever since. Because it is heavily layered, it is often styled to give people a playful and sexy look. However, this type of haircut is not suitable for fine hair. But, for thick, curly and wavy hair, it can prove to be a great option.

The Pixie

One of the most dramatic short haircuts that are available to women is a pixie cut. Several layers are used for creating this cut and it has an overall shorter length, thus requiring more regular maintenance. It has the ability of looking feminine and soft and it is said to be the perfect choice for a heart shaped face.

Any of these short haircuts can be used for looking stylish and feminine at the same time.