Home Remedies to Cure Eye Puffiness

Puffy eyes or periorbital puffiness is a problem caused due to abnormal swelling around your eyes. This is due to accumulation of fluids around the orbital area of eyes or swelling of the tissues around eyes. The major reasons behind this condition is due to fluid retention, oversleeping, normal ageing and other skin problems. In serious conditions such as cellulites, hypothyroidism etc eye puffiness is also observed.

There are some temporary cosmetic treatments to treat eye puffiness, but mostly people don’t go for surgical corrections or other treatments. Here are few home remedies which are effective in treating eye puffiness.

Ice pack:

To get an instant relief, put chilled ice pack under your swollen eyes. Repeat this procedure for around 6-7 times and close your eyes for few minutes. You can also use ice pack along with cotton and put it on the upper portion of eye lid. You can also put spoons in refrigerator and use them instead of cotton balls. Repeat the same procedure twice to see visible results.

Egg white:

Take two eggs and use only the egg white. Whip egg white until it becomes foamy. Put it under your swollen eyes using a soft cloth or sponge. This remedy can help tighten your skin under your eyes and can show effective results.

Cold water:

Drink lots of fluids and water and keep your body hydrated. Take a glass of cold water and frequently splash it on your face and this can constrict your blood vessels. Drink around 10-12 glasses of water to avoid dehydration as your eyes appear swollen when your body gets dehydrated.

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Tea bags:

Boil tea bags in water and let it cool down. Put these tea bags under the eyes and cover it with a muslin cloth. This is an effective method used to treat swollen eyes. You can put tea bags in refrigerator and use it to treat eye puffiness. This remedy works effectively and many people follow this remedy especially in summers.


Take a potato and peel its skin. Potato starch contains anti inflammatory properties and can help treat puffy eyes. Prefer a medium sized potato and peel it after washing it properly and drying it. Make a paste of potato starch and put it in a muslin cloth. Place it over your eyelids for few minutes to see visible results.


Cucumber is yet another effective remedy to help treat eye puffiness. You can put cucumber slices directly over your eye lids or you can extract its pulp, cover it in a muslin cloth and then put it over your eyelids. Repeat this process thrice a day to see best results.

Salt water:

Salt intense foods such as fried chips, pizzas etc are also responsible for puffy eyes. However, salt can also help treat puffy eyes. Prepare a warm water solution using salt. Dip pads in this solution and put them over your eyelids to see visible results.

Besides following these remedies you should also gently massage your eyes. Stay away from hair sprays or harmful substrates which might even worsen this situation as well.