Every woman has to cope with her monthlies. Menstrual periods usually cause much discomfort which often turns out to be severe menstrual cramps. Painful menstrual are commonly recognized as Dysmenorrhea in medical language. The condition is usually passed through a female’s genes and starts in teenage years. During menstrual period hormonal level goes through certain changes that cause the release of prostaglandin.  Prostaglandin is a substance which hits uterus and results in its frequent contraction, and a woman starts feeling menstrual pain in her lower abdomen. Usually, many women feel menstrual cramps from the first day of their monthlies which last for some days.

Such cramps can be really painful and sometime extremely agonizing.  Though the situation varies in woman to woman, some women are not conscious about their menstrual pain and live a routine life whereas some go through real pains. We are here to discuss a few ways to deal with menstrual pain. These are tried and true ways that will surely help you eliminate menstrual cramps and enjoy your periods like the other days of your life.

Warm Baths:

Taking a warm bath during menstrual period will help you lessen agonizing uterine contractions. Bathing water shouldn’t be very hot. Make sure you don’t have a bath for too long. However, severe menstrual cramps may not find warm bath as a helpful method and need extra treatment.

Lying Positions:

Consider trying diverse lying positions to relieve the pain. You may feel comfort with lying the face down or lying on the back with putting feet on the height. Lying on one side with tucking knees toward the chest may also help some women.

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Routine Workouts:

Exercising about 30 minutes each day can notably reduce menstrual pains and cramping.


One option is using painkillers. You can start taking painkillers once you observe the first sign of menstrual pain. This will help you avoid severe pain.

Medical checkups:

Certain ailments such as fibroids or endometriosis can often cause menstrual irregularities and agonizing cramps.  Having regular medicinal check-ups is a way to expose such ailments and other possible causes of severe menstrual, and get right remedial action.

To sum up, above are some ways that will help you get rid of the most hateful and off course painful part of monthlies and you will no longer remember about horrendous menstrual cramps. However if none of them helps you out, do not delay in seeing your doctor to get a better solution of this horrible problem.