Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair
Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair

Healthy long and lustrous hair is every girl’s dream. Who doesn’t want it? Even men wish to have thicker hair. This article provides the readers with natural remedies that can help improve hair growth. Instead of spending money on those expensive shampoos and chemical based hair and scalp treatments, you can skip to these natural remedies.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk works as a magic in nourishing hair. Take some thick coconut milk and apply it on the hair. Leave it for two to three hours. It helps in hair growth and also makes your hair soft and silky, after all natural remedies create wonders. Furthermore, It helps stop hair breakage.

Fenugreek seeds: Soak three or four spoons of fenugreek seeds in water or coconut milk for ten to twelve hours. Make a fine paste of it and apply to your scalp. Leave it for half an hour and rinse off with water. It not only adds sheen to your hair but also prevents hair loss.

Indian gooseberry (Aamla): It has many healthy benefits and one major of them is that, it maintains your hair color. Take few spoons of aamla (Binomially named as Phyllanthus emblica) powder, mix it with lemon juice or curd and apply as a thick paste to the scalp. Wash off after an hour. This will stimulate hair growth and prevents dandruff. It also prevents white and gray hair.

Lemon Juice: Tired of watching your hair being frizzy, brittle and thinner? Try using lemon slice. Massage your scalp with a slice of lemon in circular motion. It maintains your Scalp pH. You can also apply a mixture of two spoons lemon juice to four spoons coconut oil, massage it gently and leave it for three hours and rinse off with cold water. It improves hair growth and prevents hair splits.

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Flax seeds: Soak few spoons of flax seeds in water for a week. Apply it to your scalp. Leave it for half an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Hibiscus: Both hibiscus flower and its leaves have medicinal properties in protecting hair. Make a paste of the flower, mix it with olive oil and apply to your hair. Mix hibiscus leaves along with Shikakai (Binomially named as Acacia Concinna, an ayurvedic medicinal plant used for hair care).Use this mix as a natural shampoo which surprises you with smooth and thick hair. The main advantage of Hibiscus is that it prevents premature ageing of hair. Staying young is so easy!

Neem Paste: Struggling with dandruff? Not anymore. Try applying neem paste on your scalp. It prevents dandruff, maintains pH of the scalp and also prevents lice in hair.

Aloe Vera: It not only cleanses your face but also surprises you with its wonderful effects on your hair. Want to boost your hair growth? Massage with aloe Vera gel which adds sheen and stimulates hair growth.

Avocado: Avocado plays a vital role in hair growth. Apply a paste of mashed avocado and banana and leave it for an hour. Rinse off with water.