Family medicine physicians are trained in almost all areas of medicine. Therefore, they have what it takes to take care of your overall health throughout your life, irrespective of your sex or age. This includes your emotional, mental, and physical health. Family physicians know their patients well, and they are able to establish lasting, caring relationships with them. They document their patients’ health history and use the records to make the right decisions in treating various health issues affecting their patients. Below are some of the reasons why it is important to have a good relationship with family medicine physician in Santa Monica.

Regular Checkups

For you and your family to stay healthy, you need to undergo regular medical checkups. This is particularly great when it comes to recognizing illnesses in their early stages of development when it easy to localize them and treat them in a more efficient manner. These checkups can also help doctors to answer any health concerns you may be having and advise you accordingly. In other words, your family doctor can make use of your check-up results to give health advice that is specific to your situation as opposed to giving you general medical information.

Accurate Medical Examinations

If you have a family doctor, your medical examinations can be more accurate. Meeting the same doctor over and over again is quite beneficial compared to having to see a different doctor every time you need a medical exam. Your family doctor understands your anatomy, and he or she can easily spot even the slightest changes in your body organs and systems.

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Better management of Chronic Illnesses

Are you suffering from chronic pain or illness? If so, you do not want to see a different doctor every time you need medical assistance. You need a primary care doctor who understands your issue well. Since your family doctor understands how your chronic disease has been developing, it will be easy for them to decide on the right treatment to administer at any given stage.

More Reliable Referrals

Family doctors only specialize in treating common health problems. So what happens when you need specialized care? Family doctors have great networks with the best specialists in areas such as gynecology and cardiology, among others. Therefore, when you visit your primary care physician with an issue that requires more specialized care, he or she is usually in the best position to refer you to the most reliable specialists in any given medical area.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that having a good relationship with a primary care physician is quite beneficial. It can help you and your entire family to get quality healthcare, accurate examinations, and reliable referrals when you need specialized medical care. Family care doctors can also help you in managing chronic illnesses and pain in a more efficient manner. If you are looking for a reliable physician in Santa Monica, CA to help you in managing chronic illnesses and pain, Allan I. Frankel, MD of GreenBridge Medical is the best choice. Dr. Franken is a board-certified general practitioner with many years of experience.