Getting Braces 5 Questions Adults Should Ask the Orthodontist

Many adults do not know the real facts about braces. They worry more about the look of these devices more than they worry about the long-term maintenance. Once you get the braces, you need to learn more about this new responsibility. There are five questions that you should ask before getting braces.

Are Braces Uncomfortable?

The type of material determines the amount of discomfort that you feel. Underlying health conditions and the experienced skills of your orthodontist are additional factors. Older people may experience more pain than younger ones. Most people tend to feel the most discomfort in the first few weeks. Over time, you grow into your braces and get used to wearing the device.

Is It Safe to Play Sports?

It is safe to play any sport while wearing braces. In general, athletes are recommended to wear mouth guards that prevent trauma to the teeth. In fact, braces have hard metal or plastic materials that are protective of teeth. Athletes are still encouraged to wear mouth guards that fit over the braces and stay firmly in the mouth.

What Options Do I Have?

Modern clients have access to different types of orthodontic products and services. In the past, there was only one style of traditional metal braces to choose from. Nowadays, adults are able to wear clear braces that resemble the teeth more. Along with teeth straightening, you have access to whitening and bonding. Clinics like Crest Hill Family Dental provide a variety of choices for braces, implants, crowns and more.

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How Do the Fees Work?

A lot of people are confused about making payments for braces. Wearing braces is a long-term process with many consultations, treatments and replacement devices. You will make continuous payments for several months or years. Before you get braces, address your concerns about the fees and payment options.

Is Brushing Important?

It’s still important to maintain good dental hygiene. You have to brush the teeth harder to remove all of the plaque and food particles. The braces make it harder to access the whole surfaces of teeth. Some people use oral irrigators to clean between the spaces.

As an adult, you may be more wary about wearing braces than as a teenager. However, you should be open to asking questions about how to wear braces and pay for them. Compile a list of questions that you should ask the orthodontist.