When it comes to drug addiction, it is important to understand that regardless of the used drug, addiction is a chronic disease which affects people in multiple ways, depending on the drugs they use. Moreover, drug addiction is a relapsing disease, which makes it even more dangerous and difficult to overcome. However, the good news is that drug addictions are treatable, but it is important to take action as soon as possible, before the drugs can cause harmful brain consequences.

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Is there a one-size-fits-all treatment?

It is important to understand that drug addiction is different for each person. Different drugs can have different consequences, and each individual can have unique needs in the recovery process. As such, there is no single treatment that can sure all addicts. However, by enrolling in a recovery program, addicts can benefit from a wide range of treatments in order to fully recover from their substance abuse problem. There are many facilities that offer recovery programs, but it is important to find one with flexible treatments that can be adapted to all individuals, as well as to different stages of the recovery. We recommend Addition treatment with Nexus Recovery, as they have a team of highly competent therapists, counselors, and physicians who provide patients with all the tools and the support that they need throughout their recovery journey.

Best treatment options

Since drug addiction is a chronic disease, you can’t just stop using the drugs for a while and assume that you are cured. Depending on how strong the used drugs are, the withdrawal can be a devastating process, which should be supervised by a professional. There are also some medications which can prove to be very useful during the withdrawal period, but also later on to prevent relapse. The right medications can restore normal brain functions, while also decrease drug cravings. A good recovery plan should address all the patient’s problems, not just the drug addiction. In most cases, the addiction is caused by an existing mental problem, which is why the Nexus Recovery center has a great therapy program, that can include both individual counseling, but also group or family therapy. There is also a wide range of holistic treatments that can be very efficient in the recovery process when combined with therapy and medication. Yoga, music, dance, sports and any other activity that encourages physical and emotional well-being can be a great tool for overcoming addiction.

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